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Saturday, December 27, 2014

'T was the Night before Christmas - the Sequel

A couple of days ago I was thinking about Christmas Eve 2012, and how I wanted it to be less stressful this year. 

Due to hubby's eye surgery and him being on sick leave I ended up with having to wing it again, though. 

Tuesday, Dec 23rd. Work done at the office, including setting up Santa's hut I went to pick up my guys, so hubby could observe his hair appointment. The good thing about male hair is… it's done in less than half an hour, so we were just waiting there until he was done.

On our way home we stopped for a Claus Burger. Merry Cheesemas and all ;-)

Dec 24. Time for my own hair appointment! I was so grateful that I got this date, it was my only chance to not  having to celebrate Christmas with dark roots. First world problems, I know. 

No snow on Christmas morning, but a beautiful sky.

Remember my hair salon with the Fiat Cinquecento parked in front?

Mr C brought a book

and played with my iPad. Never even asked "are you done yet", wasn't hungry,… Perfect!

Back home I was supposed to get started on, you know, dinner, but I felt I wanted to prolong my Bethlehem moment by a cup of Christmas Blend.

No pictures between 1 and 6pm. Busy, busy, busy! But then we were ready to dig in…

Tomato mozzarella salad with fresh basil and balsamic dressing

Baked maple syrup / lime zest Sockeye salmon, 
grilled bell peppers, carrots, steamed broccoli, rice

Apple sauce muffin with apple chunks

Pretty little indoor winter wonderland - cause it was a green Christmas

The one thing that is not fair… 
Hours of chopping, steaming, baking, roasting… After 15 minutes it's gone!

Good for those who couldn't wait to open their gifts though :-)

Wow, his first watch! What time is it? CHRISTMAS TIME!

What's the best gift a boy like C can get? Hockey sticks!

After two more days of visiting family, eating and being mostly merry, this morning we woke up to hear that hubby felt something was wrong with his eye. "Can you drive me to the hospital?" 


I said that before I looked out the window. Snow, and not just a little!

We almost made it on time which was a good thing considering the road conditions. 
C watched some more tidying up art, this time the Christmas tree got cleaned up all right:

While hubs was seeing his eye doc we looked for a parking space, checked out the snow

and had a snack at the hospital cafeteria. Yes, we brought our Elf for some cheering up. 
C is always quite concerned when Daddy has to go to the hospital. 
At the checkout we met two paramedics. They must be super busy on a day like that! 

When hubby finally called that they didn't find anything alarming, and that we could pick him up and go home, Colin cheered and declared 

"I am as happy as thousands of billion happy pigs!" 

That must mean something ;-)

Friday, December 26, 2014

Funny Friday - New Jersey

Today’s post is December’s Funny Friday, a regular feature published on the last Friday of every month. Funny Friday is a collaborative project. Each month one of the participants submits a picture, then we all write 5 captions or thoughts inspired by that month’s picture. Links to the other bloggers’ posts are below, click on them and see what they’ve come up with. I hope we bring a smile to your face as you start your weekend.

Here’s today’s picture. It was submitted by Stacy Sews and Schools:

Hi folks, my name is C, I hope you were having yourself a merry Christmas! 

Do you like my jersey? Well, let me tell you about it …

  1. When my Mom was nine months  pregnant with my oldest brother J, who is 21 now, she went to see the Green Bay Packers. After the game she purchased a baby's first fan jersey, and a toddler size, too
  2. On her way out she bumped - pun intended, thank you very much - into Bill Maas who wished her luck with the new baby and signed both jerseys. He may or may not have signed her bump, too. She doesn't talk about it. However her smile says it all!
  3. From then on every time shortly before giving birth she went to see a Packers game - for luck, you know - and hunted more autographs. Brett Favre's on it, Aaron Rodgers', too!
  4. All my siblings got to wear them. I am the youngest, it is a bit worn out by now, but I really like it. 2011 they won the Super Bowl, and I was wearing my jersey and cheering like a madman!
  5. When I grew out of my favorite jersey and just couldn't squeeze into it anymore I did what a boy has to do… I cut it open with my scissors. Got myself another couple of years! Go, Packers!

Click on the links below and let some other bloggers make you smile: 

New Adventures of Cookie, our Elf on the Shelf (Part 4)

Last week Cookie organized our laundry. Let's see what happened this week!

First she squeezed herself into a balloon. Must have been a constricting experience?

The next day she played some football.

Cookie must have heard me talking about Canadian Christmas. She jumped into a boat with the bears, probably trying to catch some salmon?

Indeed there was a piece of maple syrup and lime baked salmon for xmas eve dinner!

The next night she tried to build her own little house but ran out of bricks very soon.

Look how pretty and festive! Going overboard with Mommy's Holiday Jewelery!

Not being very successful in building her own red brick house, the Elf decided she needed a little help from my coworkers… Assembling Santa's Playmobil house is no easy task!

But it can be done, and look how cute!

Colin had a request for Cookie, and he prepared it in English:
"Can you stay a little longer this year and watch the Spengler Cup with me? That would make me very happy!"

So the Elf promptly let him know that she needed to return soon but was curious about that Spengler Cup?

Of course Colin explained that it's a prestigious annual hockey tournament taking place in Davos, Switzerland, starting tomorrow and culminating in the grand finale on New Year's Eve.

Recurring participants are the host HC Davos and "Team Canada", typically a group of Canadians playing for European teams and some AHL players.

Cookie, being the quick study that she is, got her hands on the game schedule and team logos. Oh, and let's not forget that she magically became team captain of the Canadians! 
I think I can see a Spengler Cup Trophy on our Elf's shelf! ;-)

We don't exactly know how soon Cookie will need to return to the North Pole. There may be an addition to this post in a couple of days… Just check back!

Also, for more Elf fun, visit ShaRhonda's Elf on the Shelf Link-up!

Those who get lots of gifts and drink milk (or wine) have to get rid of their recyclables. Even an elf from North Pole is aware of that!

Before we could go there we had to take Daddy to the hospital though.

Later Cookie helped me prepare snacks for the hockey intermission.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Quit while you are ahead… or something like that. Today Cookie wrote Colin a note. 
He was genuinely sad. Eleven more months and she will return!