Mystery Blogger Award

Mandy from With Love nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award, designed and created by Okoto Enigma, let's see what it's all about:

OK, here goes: 

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Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog. 
Mandy, thanks so much for not only nominating me but for putting me on the very top of your list, what an honor! For those of you who haven't come across Mandy: we met at last year's A-Z Blogging Challenge and became instant friends. We share a love for travel, food and writing. Her blog is called With Love - check it out!

Mention the creator of the award, Okoto Enigma, and provide a link as well. þ

Tell your readers three things about yourself.
I just recently answered 30 questions about myself, do I have to go again? Can you tell that unlike a lot of people out there I don't like to talk about myself? OK, I guess I can do three:
  1. St. Patrick's Day and Halloween are my favourite holidays and I go all the way to make them fun! Decorations, Shenanigans, Foods, the works.  
  2. Prior to working for Starbucks I didn't drink coffee. 
  3. Contrary to my husband's opinion I am not hard to shop for. Here's an all-time wish list.
You have to nominate 10 to 20 people whose blogs deserve recognition.
Here you go, I went for alphabetical order because - unlike my son who is a huge fan of ranking lists - I have a hard time deciding which one I like best, second, third, and so on. 
Also I picked authors whose blogs I haven't nominated previously for
The coveted Liebster Award or The Sunshine Award:
  • Arlee Tossing it out He's into music - ever heard of "the Battle of the Bands?" That's him - and a fellow A-Z Blogger.
  • Caitlin Teaspoon living A healthy (gluten free) lifestyle blogger and a new Mom!
  • Carol Battered Hope Her URL is "never, ever give up" which just about says it all.
  • Debbie The Doglady's Den A Canada based fellow hockey, travel and music lover.
  • Donna Our prime Years Another A-Z buddy I met this season. She and her hubby like to ride their bikes and RV to explore.
  • Elizabeth An American in Basel Liz is one of the Bloggers in Switzerland I met in real life. We even went to see "Bad Moms" at the movies. 
  • Erin Searching for Sanity I like to think that we inspire and support each other in times of need.
  • Farrah Fairyburger A young aspiring doctor whom I admire for still taking the time to cook healthy meals and blog.
  • Kate Prinsloo Mom in Zurich She seems to have the energy of a Duracell Bunny, planning fun trips for her family. Her posts are full of gorgeous pictures of those outings.
  • Leanne Cresting the Hill We met at A-Z 2017, and if I'll only be half as fabulous in my middle aged years, I'll be super happy!
  • Lindsey Swiss Lark American Expat who spent a couple of years in Switzerland and is trying to settle back in in the U.S. - a good friend of mine was in the same spot a couple of years ago, and she says it's super hard.
  • Lissa Rainswept Creative Artist / Blogger who has been one of my loyal Top Ten Thursday participants and A-Z Challenge buddy.
  • Jules at The Bergham Chronicles Fellow coffee and writing lover, her daughter is one year younger than my blog, that's how I keep track of her age.
  • Manuela Own the Way you live Italian working Mom in Switzerland trying hard to balance all of her stakeholders' priorities plus her own.
  • Pamela The Wrights Days of Fun Photo Blog, A-Z, Top Ten Thursday, Pam is into writing challenges the same way I am. I can't find it now but I think she calls herself a displaced Tasmanian (in the Scottish Highlands).
  • P.J. A 'lil Hoohaa The host of the monthly photo blog challenge I have been participating in for a year now. Each month he comes up with a prompt which we then get to incorporate into five pictures.
  • Rachel My mini adventurer Rachel set up the Swiss Blogger's FB group and hosted monthly coffee meetings. I have been a member for about 18 months and only managed to attend twice. Now that she is packing up her stuff to move back to the U.S. it'll be up to me to keep the group active. One of her blog's cute highlights is her Mini Chef making something yummy in the kitchen, check it out!
  • R. F. Dietz Diz Mommy - Parenting: no skills required Of course she's selling herself short and has a few parenting tricks up her sleeve!
  • Tanya Moms Tots Zurich Whether you live in Switzerland and have actual use for her posts or you just like to drool over breath-taking mountain pictures, you've got to love her hiking and day trip posts, full of useful information, tips and tricks!
  • Wendy Hey Mamalaide Aussie Mommy in Lucerne exploring Switzerland and beyond and making the best of the seasons (different wines for summer and winter, gotta love it!!)
Notify them. 
I will as soon as this post goes live!

Ask your nominee(s) any five questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question:
  1. How did you decide to start your blog? 
  2. If you were a fruit, which would you be and why?
  3. Show me your favourite purse / bag / backpack!
  4. Chicken or Beef?
  5. What are three of your best traits? 
Share a link to your best post(s):
While they are not the best performing posts in terms of page views, I am proud of this fictional serial story about my embezzling money and the adventures I encounter while on the run:

Answer the questions your nominator gave you (This isn't a real rule, but I think it should be. Otherwise, what's the point?)
  1. What is your favorite breakfast (food + drink)? Pancakes with cinnamon roll filling and black (Starbucks) coffee.
  2. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? This will be the topic of an upcoming Top Ten Thursday: 10 bucket list destinations. Mine contains Hawaii, Alaska, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark and other places. Why? I hear it's nice there!
  3. What is the weirdest thing you have seen in someone else’s home? My in-laws apartment was jammed with stuff, mainly my FIL's: books, stuffed animals, handmade puppets,.. Then there is my coworker's house I have never been invited to - which I am not unhappy about cause what expects you are terrariums housing a good 200 (rattle) snakes.
  4. If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done? Busting my credit card or speeding.
  5. Is cereal a soup? / Is Boston cream … a pie or a cake? I feel very conservative answering the soup question. For me a soup is a water based liquid meal containing veggies and pieces of meat of your choice like chicken or even fish. As for Boston cream, my first thought was "neither, it's a donut!!" If I have to pick between pie and cake I'd definitely say pie, though because of the filling. Personally I am not a fan of custard-y desserts, so I'll pass on anything Boston cream.

Your turn now! Go forth and answer my question, nominate your authors and have fun!