One of the perks of working for your husband is that you don't need a complicated bonus scheme promising you a target amount in percent of your salary in dependence of achieving measurable individual and company goals using a spreadsheet calculation... - no, on  the odd night you'll just announce that tonight you were just too exhausted to slave in the kitchen and needed to be taken out.

A coworker had told me - ever the U.S. fan - about a new restaurant in Aarau, called "go west":

So that's where we had dinner last night. Not only the waitresses are wearing cowboy hats and sheriff's stars,  also many of the guests like to pull out their boots and stuff.

As a special the kids are allowed to go and tell the pizzaiolo (I had no idea there were pizzaiolos at Western saloons ;-)) what topping they want.

Less than 3 minutes later the pizza was delivered to our table.

 The "grown-up food" didn't take much longer and was delicious:

This is a close to Yippie-ei-o Steakhouse as it gets in quaint old Switzerland :-) 
The Yippie-ei-o is our favorite ever steakhouse in Tusayan, AZ (Grand Canyon) where Christian proposed to me in summer 2003.

So back in 2012 we enjoyed the atmosphere, the food and the fact that we didn't have to do any peeling, marinating, barbecueing or baking.

Above picture was taken by Colin. Lately he has been experimenting with my iPhone. You never know when it comes in handy to have a little one who can operate electronic devices ;-)

After some yummy apple / mud pie we checked out the playground and then headed home. 
I love my job, my hubby/boss, my family :-)