A day on the playground

Since I called my blog "confessions of a part-time working mom" I think it is time I confessed the following:

For the last couple of weeks the "part-time" almost didn't apply, and I was feeling bad for "shipping off" Colin all the time. So when I got a message from my friend Angela who told me that the playgroup moms and kids were going to meet on our closeby playground I thought that's exactly what we were going to do on my official day off. 

The e-mail was in my home inbox. When I confirmed our attendance I was at the office. I shouldn't have stayed there for so long because I didn't have time left to go groceries shopping in order to be able to bring sandwiches to the picnic. Also I should have read the message properly for another reason.

When we arrived at 9:45am the playground, thinking we were only 15 minutes late (thanks to the fact I had to put sun block lotion on a jumpy little guy) we were the only ones. Trying to text Angela I realized I didn't have her mobile number. Great. Usually the Humpty Dumpty group meets on Monday mornings. Was I completely mistaken? After all today was Thursday. I did remember reading "see you on Thursday" though in another message she sent. Texting Bhavani. The relief when she confirmed it WAS today. Right around 10:30 (aha!!!) the mommies and kiddies started strolling in. 

All equiped with diaper and lunch bags, water bottles,... Ahm, about that. We will have to leave at lunch time because I didn't manage to scratch together stuff for a picnic. I really should have gone to the gas station between the offsite meeting and the office. Or at least after dinner last night. I was just sooo tired.

Turned out we were welcome to freeload from the others. Thanks so much for fried rice and chicken (plus bone bag and wipes!), Bhavani. I truly admire organized people. 

It was very nice seeing everybody again, especially the new baby boys Philipp (5 months) and Miles (2 months)