Colin's Birthday World Trip

When Colin turned 3 years old last year he had a Disney Cars themed party, and he thought that would be it for the years to come. Only this year, instead of a Lightning McQueen cake he wanted a King. Or a Chick Hicks, or a ... Watching the movie below will make you understand why this year, the guys were laughing like crazy when it was time to blow out the candles.

But with his growing interest and knowledge in everything related to foreign countries, flags, sightseeing spots and international food, we came up with the idea of a world trip for him and his friends.

So we printed toy flight tickets, foreign currency money and for each child a passport with pages for a couple of destinations we would travel to.


We set up the check-in counter, arranged chairs as airplane seats and stocked our beverages trolley. Ready for take-off!

The first destination was Australia where the kids made some craft didgeridoos. In London they broke into the tower where the crown jewels are being kept and stole them. In Japan they tried to eat fortunes cookies with chop sticks, in Munich they celebrated Oktoberfest by forming a human pretzel, and in France, home of the Barbapapa family, they assigned the appropriate items to the different characters: a football for Barbawum, a bracelet for Barbabella, etc.

Whose tracks are those?
Cruising down Lombard Street

On and on we went, until it was time for a birthday cake break. 

Some of the kids got a bit "over-traveled" and preferred to just play. Others made jewelry out of pasta, ran around with a sombrero, played ice hockey and so on. 

So if you want to see for yourself, pack your imaginary bags and hop on the plane with us:

Back home we welcomed the parents for some baguette, cheese and wine. You guessed right, all French.

It was a wonderful trip! The following day we were suffering from jet lag, unpacked our bags and did lots of laundry.

Epilogue / Learnings: 

  • The journey is the reward - meaning I put way too much effort into the preparations but I had fun doing it
  • 12 destinations are too many for this age group
  • Traveling is not for everybody
  • Colin had a blast - and so did I