Going down memory lane (primary school reunion)

Two weeks ago - for the first time for 30 years - I met with my classmates from elementary school again. With some of them I had attended middle and high school and kept in touch over the years, but there were people I hadn't seen in all that time, and they didn't change a bit! So funny! 

Others, even if they look their current age now, they still talk,  laugh and act the same. Me included I guess. I was the one blurting out comments then and again that evening.

I was especially pleased to see those people who had only spent a year or two with our group but felt connected enough to attend the reunion. 

At peak times we were almost 40 kids in our class. For the reunion a little more than half of them showed up. And they turned out so well. There's doctors, lawyers, CFOs, entrepreneurs, but more importantly, genuine and kind people, and most of them are parents. One guy has a 3 months' old baby, and one girl is a mother of three girls of her own, the oldest 18 years old. Wow!

The ones that attended the reunion all live close by. Even if in their younger years they had moved away for university or jobs, most of them came back, either to their parents' house or a new place in the old neighborhood. 

The teachers were there, too - freshly retired from teaching. Even though they had many other groups of kids after we graduated, they kept photo albums and binders with drawings and letters and stuff. I recognized my handwriting on one of the documents. It was an invitation to the indoor pool on occasion of our graduation. I had looked up the bus schedule and mentioned what to bring (bathing suits, duh). I was so amazed to see this. I didn't remember writing it at all, and I didn't remember that we actually went to the pool. The teacher watched me reading it and smiled. "You know you could tell at that early age how the kids would turn out", he said. OK, so I was the networker and event planner then and still am today :-)