Family Affairs

Recently Colin has been talking about family matters, and I felt I wanted to capture the thoughts he was having as a 4.5 year old.

Finding a wife

This one is a recurring topic. Colin likes to ask about places I have traveled to. Like 

"Mommy, when you went to Australia, did you fly Qantas?" 
"Yes, that's right." 
"Cool. They have A380s. Why didn't you take me? 
"Because we went there before you were born."
"No, 2004"
"Oh, the year you guys got married?"

"Exactly. The trip to Australia was our honeymoon."

"What is a honeymoon, I thought you went to Australia, not to the moon, otherwise you would have taken a rocket, RIGHT?"
"Aren't there rockets in Florida?"
"Yes, NASA is in Florida, and if you are lucky you can observe a rocket launch."
"You did that before I was born as well, didn't you?"

On and on he goes. At some point he wants to know when my first time to the USA was.

"Oh, let me think, that was in 1997."
"So that was before Daddy even found you?"
"Yes, I went to California alone back then."

"Tell me how Daddy found you, did you hide really well?"

So as it turns out, in Colin's imagination there is some kind of scavenger hunt for single guys going on. They search and search in the dark, but it's tough because the women have hard to find hideouts.

"So once you find one, do you have to keep her, or can you keep looking?"

Who to get married to

That's an easy one: Mommy :-) 

The other day his caretaker at daycare told us Colin had a new girlfriend, Laura, and she wanted to marry him. When we asked him about it he said "yeah, that's what SHE wants - but GUYS pick out who to get married to!!!" 

Brothers and sisters

The other day after taking a shower Colin goes (whiny voice) 
"I am still waiting for my..."
I thought he was gonna say "M&Ms". Sometimes I reward him with M&Ms for jobs well done like getting dressed on his own.

To my surprise he said 

"baby brother or sister."


"You know I have been trying to tell you - there is not going to be another baby."
Now he actually starts to cry.
"I am so alone all the time. When I want to play with you, you are doing laundry or making lunch all the time, and all of my friends have a brother or sister,...!"

Baby Colin, September 2008

I am close to tears myself now. I just hold him tight and wish I was 10 years younger. 

Another time when he was talking about adding a baby to the family, hubby tried to explain that we, actually, I was too old now. Colin then suggested, Daddy might be getting a younger wife. 

I don't want to go where I have to justify myself for life choices or destiny and decide to ask some more questions instead:

"Suppose we had a baby, what would you be doing with him or her?"
"Playing ice hockey of course!

Phew! Case closed.


Unfortunately Colin experienced Daddy's business partner passing away almost two years ago, so he is aware that we are not going to be around forever.
But he knows that he is not in any danger right now. Why? His grandfather was giving him a palm reading for fun. Obviously it said Colin would live to be 84 years old.

So when he is talking about things in the far future he sometimes wants to know if we will still be alive by then. 
"Well, nobody knows what is going to happen. We may stay lucky and healthy - or we may have an accident or get sick..."

"Mommy, you need a palm reading as well! Grandpa will tell you how old you get to be!!"