White Easter

Who can remember the good old times when Easter was actually a spring holiday? As kids we used to egg hunt in our garden while the birds were chirping and the butterflies fluttering around. Well, many things are different these days.

On the plus side there is "liquid yeast" for convenient baking. And we have the Internet to google crafts and recipes. 

Everything else was much better in the 1970s and 80s. 

For example no one stole you an hour and called it "daylight saving time". No one arranged SNOW to fall on the morning of March 31st.  And certainly no one accidentally deleted the pictures off the chip where you had captured this snow! Just saying. OK, it was my fault. Still annoying.

But let's start at the beginning. 

This year Easter was tailgating St. Patrick's Day, and frankly I didn't have much energy left to do crafts. Fortunately there was a whole Easter box sitting in the basement, containing bunnies, a lamb and countless cute little chicks. Some are wearing sunglasses - they too thought it was gonna be a nice warm spring day. I'll shut up now.

On Good Friday we were enjoying a rainy PJ day and some Maple Salmon

Saturday it was still raining. Hubby went to the office, and Colin and I did some egg dyeing and coloring (Colin has two passions: ice hockey and country flags, can you tell?):

I don't know how Colin always manages to go to sleep late and still wake up early. I guess this will change once he has to go to school. For now, at the crack of dawn he was romping and chatting away in our bed until hubby suggested to go outside and check out if the Easter bunny had hidden something for him in the garden. "I don't think so, there were no traces in the snow" he replied. Was he KIDDING? Sadly, he wasn't. This is where I got up and took some pictures - the one that later god deleted by mistake. And miraculously rescued by my resourceful hubby using Glarysoft Undelete I still owe the developers a positive review.

Off to my parents' house where a nice brunch table and a map on where to find surprises were waiting for us.

While Colin was enjoying more Easter stories at his grandparents' hubby and I headed off home, chopping veggies, cleaning up and vacuuming so we were ready for our dinner guests. Cheers!

 And as every perfect day, Easter Sunday also held a hockey game:

Happy Easter to all of you!