Mother's Day

This is what we would have had the possibility to find out, had we actually applied for the job that being a mommy is. Considering the tasks include chef, taxi driver, nurse, comforter, psychologist, maid, and many more, it kind of makes sense that you don't get any breaks or days off. And even on regular working days the little people you work for have their own schedule:


OK, kidding aside. If there is only the one day, then let's thoroughly enjoy it!

Mom, what's for lunch?
What, we have to FISH OUR OWN?
 Don't worry, I've got it covered. Hired my sommelier for the day
And Grandma brings gift for little guy
I got a gift as well from little guy!
Cousin Liv from Israel is a good sport and plays some hockey
Happy Mother's Day!

PS: Taking these pictures is just one example of the many things my mom is doing for me. 

Thank you, MM :-)