From "more than a day in May" to Santa Claus, Indiana

Last October we've already had the pleasure to visit Indianapolis:

Which is a good thing, because once again we were not lucky where the weather was concerned. So we just visited the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum.

Colin would have preferred to see Lightning McQueen, but it was still cool to discover that "King" really existed!

On a totally different note, a couple of days ago on our way from "Flop Knox" to St. Louis, we came across a place called Santa Claus, Indiana! I had been to Christmas, Florida once and had no idea, another town like this existed. 

So on a day in June with almost 100°F outside we came to this:

It was charming!! Colin got on Santa's list of "good kids", and Santa told him to make sure to send him a letter to the address above. Only 180 days to go!