If the shoe fits... Buy it in every color!

It's no secret that most women really, really like their clothes:

However when it comes to leather goods, things get really serious. So serious that there is even a forum about it (which I checked out - strictly for research reasons, of course: the Bag Forum)
Anyway, let's see if you are ready for this:
  • What label does the devil wear?
  • What label is Mary's shoe that is stuck in a manhole cover in "the Wedding Planner"?
  • What are Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite shoes called? 

If you’ve got no clue what I am talking about, don’t read on, you are going to waste your time. And if you are a guy, go back to the beer commercial - or share this post with your female friend.

On the other hand if you are intrigued and trying to figure out if the correct answer is Manolo D’Orsay Pumps or Mary Janes, let it go - and stay tuned. I’ve got another question for you:

Are you a shoe or a handbag girl?

Can’t decide? So couldn’t many others that I asked - no matter if they live in the Phillippines, Mauritius, Switzerland or the USA - and claim to be both, or to have experienced some kind of transformation.

Joei, lawyer and blogger of Joei and me
Shoe or bag girl?

When I was a child, I was definitely a "shoe girl". I had over a 100 pairs of shoes! I had bags as well, but I did not have the same fascination as I did with shoes.
But as I grew older (probably from my twenties until now), my fascination for bags grew. So I can't really say that I'm either now. Probably both. See her below showing off her OOTD. OOTD stands for "Outfit Of The Day".  Just snap a photo of your outfit and describe what you're wearing ;-)
Joei's OOTD

Lucy, financial analyst and cute little J's grandma
Do you own shoes or a bag that you never use? Why not? Why do you still have them? 

Yes, I have 6 pairs of dress shoes still in boxes that I've not worn but hate to part with. Truthfully I forget about them and two are black heels which are my go-to color.

One of Lucy's fave style. She's got 4 pairs this style just different colors

Brooke, high school teacher and mommy to cute 2 year old Brayden
Which one is your favorite item? Where did you get it, from whom, what is so special about it?
My favorite item is the ivory and gray checkered print "Speedy" Louis Vuitton. My hubby bought it for my birthday 3 years ago before Brayden came along! Of course I still use it!

Brooke sporting her Louis

Some of Zee's favorites

Zee, author and mom to 2 (pre)teenage boys
Shoe or bag girl?

Both. They're just too cute! Seriously? There's no better way to make a statement with clothes than swapping shoes and/or handbag. I also carry a ton of stuff with me (remnant of my baby-lugging days) so I always have a handbag with me. I also cannot keep idle, so having something to grip, like a bag, keeps me sane.

Shoes, I love much for the heels. At 5"2, I disappear half the time.

Beth, Dental Hygienist and mommy of 3 baseball, soccer and clarinet players
Shoe or bag girl?

I love shoes, but only comfy ones. In the summer I prefer to be barefoot. But I believe the shoes make an outfit.

Beth in her Cole Haans

Cheryl, Vice-President of a Military NPO and cuddly lil C's grandma
Which one is your favorite item? Where did you get it, from whom, what is so special about it?

My favorite purse is a Michael Kors, signature logo, oversized tote - tan fabric trimmed in bright orange leather. I bought it myself (well, for my husband to give to me) at T.J. Maxx for $169 instead of the retail of over $500. I love it because the color screams "look at me", the details on the bag are fabulous, it is a large size that I will use a lot, and it was a great buy!

Cheryl and her Michael

Stephanie, IT Tech and toddler Girl Em's mommy
Shoe or bag girl?

I'm all about finding the perfect diaper bag disguised as a trendy fashion statement. Shoes? I only care that I can run after my child in them.

No toddler chasing in those!

Emerson, 2.5 year old handbag model, with Abby doll, "Mark" and "American Living"

Staceyann, former administrative assistant in corporate NYC, currently language student in Italy - every lady's paradise in terms of fashion
Do you own shoes or a bag that you never use? Why not? (Why) do you still have them?
I own several bags and shoes that I haven't worn. In the past I would donate these items but being that I have a niece who's almost my size I save them for her. 

Stacey's newest comfy flats from Urban Outfitters

As for me - and I am no exception - handbags represent some kind of special occasions in terms of life stages (or transformations from one onto the next). 
Let's take my LV multicolor which I got from my husband for a big birthday - I will never forget P's (you know who you are!) face when I told him I did not turn 30!

Jessica Simpson with my bag
Today (still researching, and only researching for this blog post) I came across this nice cupcake satchel - and I don't think I want to wait until I don't turn 40!
Dooney & Bourke
Enough already. As nice as shoes and bags are, there are more important things in life. This is why a charity group organized the Zurich Stilleto Run, where several hundred women and a dozen men "ran" in high heels in order to raise money against human trafficking. 

Oh, before I log off, there is one more thing I wanted to show you. 
In Switzerland we have been going through a very rainy month of May. Some inner city streets were flooded. This is why it is safer to put on special shoes these days:

How about you? Tell me about your shoes and bags!


  1. LOL! Loving this article! Will be sharing it from my blog later today, darling! You did a smashing job!

  2. Thank you, Zee - coming from you, the famous and talented writer, that means even more to me :-)

  3. I absolutely LOVE shoes...so let's see if I'm right...

    Jimmy Choo
    Manolo Blahnik

    And I think I'm just an all accessory kinda of girl, handbags, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses, etc. :o)


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