What we saw in Arkansas

I was gonna post an empty side - but it would not be fair on the Little Rock State.

Even though we only spent about 24 hours - including the night - we had a good time in Bill Clinton's home state.

Arriving from Texas we discovered that there are two towns called Texarkana - one in Texas, the other one in Arkansas. How inventive ;-)

When on the road we have a hard time eating healthy and usually snack on some yummy BBQ chips, PB crackers or popcorn from the gas station and drink lots of Coke.

For once we found a freeway exit with a supermarket and purchased fruit and veggie platters and sliced cheese. It had been raining for several hours in the morning, so there was no sitting in the grass and having lunch. That's why we just nibbled on our vitamins and fibers in our more than spacious car.

As we thought Dallas, TX to Memphis, TN would be too long to drive on one day, we made hotel reservations in Arkadelphia, AR.
Driving through that town I commented that the food selection on UCSD Campus was about the same, so we ended up having dinner at

which gave us time to get back to the hotel room in time for another ice hockey / laundry night.
By the way I forgot to tell you about a great thing that happened the other day when I was doing laundry as well. When I wanted to take the clothes out of the dryer I noticed to my total positive surprise that everything was sitting, neatly folded, on the dryer.
Somebody who was on vacation as well, bothered to take care of a total stranger's laundry, how nice was that? I left them / her a note and a ten Dollar bill and will definitely look for an opportunity to pay it forward.

What is she doing laundry all the time, you might ask, does she secretly like it? See, in order to leave room in our bags for new clothes, (Premium Outlets, remember?) I only packed essentials for 5-6 days and committed to wash them regularly, so we would always have fresh clothes to wear. With the hot and humid climate around here, the T-Shirts are used up quickly! 
So the next day we stopped in Little Rock for some power sightseeing and soccer at Riverfront Park:
Old State House

Is this where shopaholics end up?

Not on our car, lucky us!
But we did hit another car back in Dallas, not so great :-(

This was Arkansas in a nutshell.
We will report back from blues & country capitols in Tennessee!