An ice surprise for Colin

The other day we heard on the local radio that there was going to be a hockey day camp for children. The youngsters would have the opportunity to meet the stars and "train" with them, have lunch, take pictures and get autographs. Paradise for any hockey fanatic! And who if not Colin is one huge hockey aficionado!

Only 25 kids would get a spot, so quick! Apply! 

Now I don't know what the criteria were to chose from the applications. Maybe they didn't get any. Or maybe they liked that I inserted some pictures showing that I was not kidding about my little guy being the perfect attendant for this event. Either way they sent a confirmation within 12 hours! They also specified what players would be there. And I've got to tell you, my son trained me well! I knew the names, and those guys are all current or former Swiss NHL players! I was so excited! 

Waiting for a perfect moment to tell Colin... Friday night, going out for dinner on a cozy terrace I used the opportunity when the guys went to the bathroom. I put laminated collages of those players under his napkin. This is how it went down:

Wait, can we have that in slow motion, please?

Roman Josi
David Aebischer
Martin Gerber 
Yannick Weber

Mark Streit

The event is going to take place on Thursday. I will report back from the ice rink, stay tuned!