Getting Organized, Step 1: keep only what you need

Have you ever moved into a new house and asked yourself "what on earth do I need all the stuff in those boxes for?" You get out your toiletries, some kitchenware and clothes, plug in your computer and TV and put clean bed linen on. You are ready!

In my previous post I pledged I would be tackling one of the eight points per week and report back here about my progress. So here I am.

Today I am proud to report that not only have I sold my CD collection, but also my stroller. I mean Colin's stroller, our best companion for a good 18 months:

lil C's daily ride vehicle in summer...

...and winter time
He soon started to have other means of transportation though:

Bobby Car
The neighbor's Bobby Car

Daddy's Car


Lightning McQueen
Fire Truck

Roller Skates
Ice Skates
Harley Davidson
I realize there will be a lot more vehicle recycling to be done in the future! So the stroller was a good start. It went to a nice young lady who has a son in Colin's age and is in her 2nd trimester with a new baby. 

What else have I done in order to get my clutter under control? 

  • I laminated the "8 habits of organized people" and pinned them onto the office wall

  • I filled the boxes that got empty because I took the CDs out. They sit in the attic now, holding Playmobil toys that Colin never plays with. 
  • I carried some stuff (paper and plastic plates and flatware, different kind of napkins) down to the basement - in case I may need them in the future. Step one. From the basement they will leave the house easier. 
  • I washed Colin's winter gear like rain pants, jackets and ski dress and brought them to KIDS, the children secondhand store that is part of the charity association I am a board member at. Also the baby car seat went to KIDS.

And because I have been so good I accrued some new stuff. Flat palm to the head, right? 

I ordered a cricut machine, and I love it! It allows you to punch and cut all kinds of shapes. It is much bigger and heavier than I thought, and it doesn't have home yet. But it's really fun! And useful! I made birthday party invitations - will tell you more about them in one of my next posts.

Speaking of b-day parties: I re-assigned the cardboard box that served as an airport check-in counter; - it is an ice cream shop now:

OK, so I didn't turn the house upside down. Did you expect me to?

Still, I got some stuff done. And I promise to keep going. Cleaning up, throwing or giving away. 

Colin is going to start Kindergarten this coming Monday. So I will have a lot of free time ;-)