Colin's Birthday World Trip - Version 2013

I have been offline for a while - busy organizing Colin's birthday party. Last year he wanted a world trip theme. I implemented all the ideas I had and was a bit at a loss when this year he wouldn't embrace a pirate or cowboy theme and instead announced he wanted an ice hockey party or something with countries, flags and planes again

Luckily I had purchased a cricut machine a while ago and added a "destinations" feature. So the invitations were suitcases with sightseeing stickers.

Thank you, Pinterest for providing ideas for activities! 

I tried hard and long!
Can you believe the litte guy wanted more planes from all the other airlines..?
Now that we've got a plane, what are we going to do with it? I had the guys set up a runway and I printed out food items like coconut, pineapple, coffee,... which the little pilots would need to procure from the appropriate continents:

They did great - even found some popcorn!
Speaking of pilots, I didn't have the opportunity to order these cute pilot hats 

so I had to improvise and download some party props. They were fun, too:

We played sightseeing / flag lotto:

Painted the Eiffel Tower:

Look at the talented artists!
And had some donuts - store bought, after the ones I test baked had failed miserably!

Kids have an admirable amount of energy! They were running around outside while I prepped for the parents' happy hour and started thinking about going to sleep early tonight...

Not all the kids' moms and dads made it to a glass of wine at our place - Jessica and Romina's parents had spent the afternoon at the hospital giving birth to baby boy Timon Dominik! Congratulations :-)