Happy Halloween!

Colin is out like a light, and I feel a flu coming up and will soon go to bed as well. 
Just a couple of impressions to share.

When Colin came home from Kindergarten at 3:30pm he could barely wait for his friends to arrive at 6pm. He helped assembling the goodie bags. As he wanted to make sure we didn't give "bad stuff" to the kids he tasted everything. 

Our sweets to make trick or treat baggies
Polar bear making sure nothing gets pilfered
Then the dress fitting!
I had found a lady on the internet who made the cutest pumpkin dress for him - which he is thrilled about, just not as a costume, because it has no mask!!

I was glad to have ordered this one from the internet a while ago:

Downside: can't see well with the mask on!
While I was prepping the pumpkin and carrots for the soup he was busy playing with the iPad. I was glad he stopped asking "how long till they're here" every five minutes.

Then his buddies finally arrived, and they were so eager to get going, I could barley take this picture:

Knock, knock - who's there?

I was surprised to see how many of our neighbors were prepared and had some sweets for the kids. Not many houses were decorated, though. I liked the house of my girlfriend I grew up with. Interestingly we live about within the same short distance like in our childhood - only that it takes Halloween or another event for us to see each other.

One older boy thought it was extremely embarrassing to go trick or treating with "the moms", so they ran off. Us mommies were hanging around on the sidewalk for a while until I noticed how late it was, so I went home to untangle the Trash Bag Spider Webs and finish cooking our dinner.

Spooky soup
Mummy dogs
And a glass of wine. Or two. Make that three. Oh well, who is counting! 
I had originally planned to bake another pumpkin cake using this recipe Paul's Pumpkin Bars but then I thought they are going to eat their treats, no need for cake.

I enjoyed this evening so much even though I had a headache and the boys were screaming and laughing as soon as they stopped eating. 

Nights like this make up for the daily grind!


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