The Sleepover

In July Colin was invited to his very first sleepover. I dropped him off at Eric's house, and they went to a dinosaur museum, had a BBQ, splashed in the kiddie pool, watched cartoons and went to bed really, really late. 

This weekend it was our turn, and I took the boys to the movies to see "Planes".

Very excited to say the least!
This is what I saw of them all the way from the parking garage to the cinema entrance
Which way to entrance 4?
Sharing some popcorn
At this point they could relax a bit. There is an age limit at the movies. 8 year olds are allowed to see the movie on their own, 6 year olds need to bring an adult, Younger kids, well, they are supposed to stay at home and wait till the DVD is out. We had explained the concept of a white lie to our 5 year olds and hoped for the best. Nobody was even remotely interested in the kids' ages, and let me just tell you, there were boys much shorter / younger.

We are ready!

If you haven't had a chance to watch it, you can watch the trailer and read about the story. If you liked "Top Gun" and "Cars" you should see it. The movie soundtrack alone is giving me goosebumps:

On our whole way back they were debating about how mean Ripslinger was, and why all the planes were giving Dusty spare parts, and how tight the race got at the end, and how cool it was in general.
They who stuff their faces with popcorn...
...have no room left for dinner!
Who cares about food anyway when they have their best friend over to play with?

They did a great job putting on their PJs and getting ready for bed, picked a bedtime story, actually two, and got the iPhone to listen to another story.

After that we had to get over there and tell them to keep it down 2 or 3 times, but around 10pm it got quiet. Around 6:30am they were awake, went to the bathroom and started playing and having fun, so we could actually have a lie-in.

Hubby made breakfast, then I had them take a shower and get dressed - just in time when Eric's father and little brother came to pick him up.

We were really pleased about how peaceful and mannered it all went down. Eric was a great draft horse. When I said "go wash your hands", he went and did just that. What I am used from Colin is "......", "I dont wanna" or "not now". 

Also it was so nice to see what good friends they are. So we said we will do it again some time!

In the afternoon Colin's Godmother visited, but our little guy was really, really tired and possibly had a fever, so he missed parts of the visit.

Pumpkin & Chocolate Chip Cookies and Brownie Ghosts
Heidi & family = always good company!
Belated birthday gifts
Sleep is the best medicine