9 facts about me

There is yet another game going around Facebook. People assign each other a number, and they have to post that amount of facts about themselves. 

This is an example I like. The poor lady had to come up with 19 facts about herself!!  

(Can you believe no. 14?)

It's interesting. You get to learn new things about your FB friends. So it's my turn now.

I have been tagged by Jackie who has a 5 year old son called Colin, just like me, and I have got to come up with 9 trivia items about myself:

I suffer from insomnia. I don't know what came first. Me not sleeping and therefore being online a lot or spending too much time on the internet in the first place. I love chatting and playing on Facebook, working on our website, reading other people's blogs, writing on my own blog, looking up recipes,...

When I am not online, I like to try out crafts. I love making holiday decoration such as for St. Patrick's Day and HalloweenRight now I am working on some paper mache pulp gingerbread men. Started on Thursday. They are still wet today. Patience? Not my strong suit. 

I share my birthday not only with my grandmother (she is 50 years older) but also with Dr. Seuss, Mikhail Gorbachev, John Irving and Jon Bon Jovi.

Before I got my job with Starbucks I didn't like coffee. I was hoping that they were not going to ask about my favorite beverage during the job interview! I got hired and worked hard to meet the coffee master challenge every single year.

I am not a sportive person. I don't go to the gym. I hate to run. However I try to walk around the block every once in a while.  Plus I am running late on a regular basis, and not only do I jump to conclusions, I also have to utter them. I am a little superstitious so I won't talk about luck here.

My intuition usually doesn't fail me. I know about things before they happen. I should listen to it and act on it more.

Albert Einstein, two other Nobel prize winners and I attended the same college - even though not in the same year.
Once I dared to ask "who were the other two guys?" My chemistry professor answered "Well, I can tell you who won't be the the fourth one!!" Ouch. No need to belittle me, coulda just answered:
  • Paul Karrer (left) found out stuff about vitamins
  • Werner Arber (right) worked on enzymes that have to do with DNA

My son is 5 years old and already way smarter than me. He likes to play with a flag game app and keeps asking "mommy, how do you spell (insert name of unknown country) Kyrgyzstan?"

I overdo. Obviously!
I can't just post my 9 items on FB and get it over with. I have to put them into a blog post and include lots of pictures. Just because I like it. I get into trouble though. I have lots of ideas, but time tends to be running out on me. This is what happened when Colin was allowed to bring some of his daycare friends over for lunch on a regular Wednesday
For hockey playoffs I felt the need to have a special dessert. Oh, and a T-shirt.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, and I look forward to tagging you next!


  1. I love reading you and learning a little more about you, but don't you dare tag me, LOL!

  2. Karen, by the power vested in me I herewith pronounce you OFFICIALLY TAGGED. Your number is 5.924 - that's how many likes you currently have. Bahahaha! OK, 6 then.


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