Cookie, the Elf - the Sequel

I had a feeling about writing "the Elf 2", so here goes:

The other day Colin asked whether I remembered why we called our Elf Cookie

Me: Ahem, nooo?

Colin: Because we played Make Cookies for Santa on your computer last year!!

OMG, he is right! They let you choose a cookie, frosting, decoration and icing - when you are done, the cookie goes into a box which gets a stamp: to Santa

They even let you print out your piece of baking art. It's really neat, go ahead and try it! I especially love the confetti sprinkles! 

Then Colin had the sweetest idea: why not ask the Elf to take the cookies to Santa over night? After all she's flying up there anyway?

No sooner said than done: he put the cookies in front of the Elf before he went to sleep.

The next morning the cookies were gone, and Cookie, the Elf, brought a note that said "Santa loved your cookies! Many thanks, Colin!"

On the morning of the 24th Colin got up early as usual looking for the Elf. I was half asleep and heard how he started opening and closing drawers and cabinet doors. After rummaging for a while he came back to the bedroom and whispered "Mommy, Cookie is gone! Wasn't she supposed to stay for another night? She didn't even say goodbye?"

What a joy to eventually find her sitting in the sled - next to two Disney cars! After ripping the packaging open and racing the cars around I said "poor Cookie, she is all alone in her sled now!" What did Colin do? Decided she may be hungry and put some - actually our only - Christmas cookies in for her.

Wait a minute: did I teach him that? Are you lonely, stuff your face???

One day - maybe sooner than I would like to think - he will hate when I tell him how sweet he was being to our Elf. For now I am enjoying how much he is into it!

Let's see the places he found his Elf in the mornings:

Sitting in number 6 of our measuring "tape" countdown. 

Here's five a day for you!

Playing with Planes

Important meeting with red M&M and Playmobil Santa

Who did Cookie call on the 13th..?
We never found out. 

Hiding out in mommy's bathroom cabinet

Slurping Colin's strawberry shake
He wasn't overly amused about that one
because he (thought he) knew that it was
the last one from the fridge ;-)

Don't forget to brush your teeth!
Scrabbling away
Hugging the friendly gingerbread man

Hockey Elf
Gone fishing
Cookie brought a Christmas tree!

Thank you - blowing a kiss 

The Elf thought she had the last word

But then Colin told her she could take one of his
stuffed animals to the North Pole

With our goodbye picture 2013 we let her go back to North Pole and look forward to welcoming her next year! With my declining memory I am glad I took pictures, so she won't land on the same spots in 2014 again. I might forget, but Colin won't!

PS: Remember how I said I didn't have a cute little bench for the arriving Elf to sit on? Just found this tutorial on how to make a chair.