Cookie - our Elf on the Shelf - is back!

I missed an opportunity on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. In the morning Colin ran down the stairs for breakfast and shouted, full of excitement "Mooooommy, quick! Come to the living room!"

"What's up?"

"The Elf Story has begun! She removed the packages from the sled!!"

It was too early in the morning. The Elf was still tucked away next to the goodie bucket in the closet:

I didn't know how to get her out without Colin noticing. So I had to admit that I had done that, so the floor could be mopped without the parcels falling from the wagon sled.

Also I didn't have a cute little suitcase or a bench like this adorable Elf below. I should take up sewing and make little costumes and accessories. Only I am really bad at sewing. I actually was kept in after school on a regular basis because I just couldn't get those hemlines straight!

Speaking of benches, did you know there is a Mensch on a Bench in the Jewish culture? Moshe, a bearded guy is taking care of the Menorah during the days leading up to Hanukka.

But now I am ready! Even wrote a little note from Cookie to Colin:

On the first morning she woke up on the sofa next to Colin. It is more a "he", but the German word for Elf is female. So we refer to Cookie as "she".

She even brought a Rudolph PJ.

Before Colin went to Kindergarten he said goodbye and gave her a couple of hockey magazines so she wouldn't be bored while he was away. She accepted gratefully.

In the meantime the sled is back up and holding some advent calendar packages:

Yesterday I had an hour that I spent home alone with Cookie and my camera. As I want to publish this post early in the month, I held a photo shooting of all the things the Elf could be doing on one of those days to come. Here goes:

Travel Elf's got itchy feet - planning a vacation or two

Playful Elf
Hanging around with M&Ms, riding the croc and getting into trouble with the police

Bring on the coffee!
Bearistas and Elf have got Christmas Blend in their sled.
Don't forget 5 a day and PLEASE unload that dishwasher!

Cookie doesn't care that Halloween is over

But doesn't mind posing with the friends from North Pole

Empty mailbox? Maybe write some cards before expecting to receive?

I am sure there's more fun stuff to come. Maybe I'll have to do a sequel. - I did!

Where there's joy and fun, there are also grinches - and many blogs about it. Most are so disturbing I won't put their links in my post, except Peter Gailunas, Or Ashley's - but I will share some of their concerns:
  • They think the Elf is a tattletale, and the kids are intimidated by a spy who will tell Santa if they have ben good air naughty. 
  • Some feel that it is not sustainable to only behave well because the Elf could tell Santa.
  • Also the parents are unsinspired about where to put the elf every night. Pinterest, people! It's full of ideas!
  • Or they claim they forget to move the Elf. I am not buying into this. Nowadays everyone has a mobile phone they spend quite some time playing with - surely they must know about the repeat alarm feature!
  • Some are saying "what message do we send to the kids if the Elf that we "adopted" is only part of the family for a limited "convenient" time?" Might as well ask why Christmas isn't a whole year event?
  • Others feel strongly about not losing control over their kids' upbringing by outsourcing the disciplining to the snitch from North Pole. 
  • Last but not least they just won't be part of yet another money making mass product made in China.
C'mon, loosen up, it's fun for the kids, and they are only little for so long before they don't buy into the whole North Pole, Santa, Elf magical time any more!

However, I agree with those who say "I am not going to let the Elf create messes and then clean them up".

So no snow angels at our house! And no drawing funny faces on family pictures. No drawing on anything else than paper for that matter - because we don't allow our kids to do this neither!

For those of you who love the whole Elf business and are looking for some cute ideas, check out Living Locurto's collection. My personal is the kissing booth!

Melanie Stofka is an experienced Elf mommy of two years and counting. Their Elf is called "Love Bug" and likes to go fishing - I wanted to do this last night but had to find out that hubby ate all the goldfish!

If you can't be bothered to spend an hour a day to create an award worthy scene, you can always follow Anna's Elf on the shelf ideas for slackers - it allows you to forget  to move the Elf 6 times ;-)


  1. So fun! I love the creativity of other moms.... even if I'm more likely to forget to move it than to make up a fun scene :)

  2. This was so cute! I love the creativity some people have, it's inspiring! I adore the elf. I just happen to have one who's out to get me. You understand. It's not my fault. It's tommy's. He's very naughty. And he's in love with Cookie. Or in lust. So watch out. ANYway, it's all in good fun. My kids adore him and clearly in real life I go all out to make their little eyes sparkle with wonder. I love Christmas!!! Btw, off the subject but it's so cool that everything on your blog is in Swedish! I'm leaving a Komment. I'm going to veroffentilich it. I hope I did that right and didn't just inadvertently say something very inappropriate.

  3. I just LOVED this...very inspiring! Loved all the pictures and ideas! Collin's reaction regarding the Elf coming back is so adorable! Thanks for giving me your link! I will have to revisit it for some more ideas... ♥

  4. We are all about our Elf, Zippy. This is his 3rd year visiting us, he usually arrives on December 1st. Liam loves looking for him every morning! Our elf gets pretty creative and sometimes makes a mess, but it's all in good fun. Merry Christmas!

  5. Fabulous post! I *love* your advent calendar!!!


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