My Valentine's Barbie

Recently I seem to bring myself into situations where I go out of my comfort zone and / or make a fool of myself. I consider it to be part of expanding my horizon. Alternatively I am going nuts. Step by step. I can only hope that they have wifi at the institution.

So what'd I do NOW?

C and I went to the mall - the one where you are allowed to the kids place without having picture ID - officially for buying some jeans for him. They grow up so fast, you know how it is. Inofficially, the first place we were headed to was ToysRus. You never know if there is a new plane. Or car. And Valentine's day is less than 10 days away. Around this time last year we had made a dozen cards. 

This year? One, and it isn't even finished yet. So don't hold your breath!

There wasn't anything new and exciting to see in the boys aisle.

'Once we're here, would you mind checking out the Barbies with me?' I asked. 

He looked at me, and it was hard to tell whether he was worried, confused or annoyed.

Above all he is just a very smart and well trained boy who knows better than to question his mom's strange actions. He tagged along. 

'Are we looking for a birthday gift for a girl?'

'Nope, I have recently learned that there is a Valentine's Barbie every year. I wonder if they've got them here.'

He was trying to be helpful 

'what would she look like?'

I told him.

Again the worried/confused/annoyed look. 

'Mommy, they are ALL blonde and wearing a pink dress!!'

Hahaha, he was right.

At the register I asked him to hold her so I could get out my wallet. OMG, his look!!! 

'You are gonna take her right back, aren't you?'

'Colin, do you think it's somehow embarrassing to hold a Barbie?'

'Very much!! Are you actually gonna play with her?'

She might just sit on my desk, and when I get bored we could giggle?

We went to Starbucks where I put her on the table to snap a picture.

'That packaging is enormeous. Are you going to take her out now?' 

I kind of wanted to, but what kind of a Valentine suprise would that be?

'Why is that guy not a doll?'

In fact, Ken is only printed. I guess you would have to buy him extra. I didn't see any Valentine Kens at the store though. In fact I only saw Ken as a groom and fashion Ken who comes with some spare outfits.

Which brings me to the following question: with all the Barbies out there, how are they ever going to get a date for Valentine? Technically all the groom Kens aren't even available for dates anymore?

I am afraid lots of Barbies are going to end up with that Nutella jar this year.

Unless they don't mind traveling to the North Pole, that is.

PS: In case you are wondering why Colin's smoothie is wearing a cap: it is an initiative where regular people knit caps and send them to innocent. A smoothie wearing a cap costs 30 cents more. The funds go to a senior citizen charity. It has been going on for a couple of years now, I think it's great!