The lonely Sock Thief from Paris

You know those association games? 4 pics, 1 word? What do the things in the picture have in common with each other?

This is the starter assignment to make you think you can do this. Just wait till you get mine:

The word is "lonely", but let me explain.

I was doing laundry. Yes, our new washing machine has quickly become a full-fledged  family member, hard working like all of us *cough*. It has almost double the holding capacity than the old one that broke, but it also has the same flaw: it grants access to the sock thief! 

I really can't explain how this happens. We lock our doors, we don't hear any strange noises coming from the basement, and still: upon folding the laundry I realize that AGAIN some socks are missing. Even some of hubby's which are clipped together.

So what happens if socks get separated? Where do the missing ones end up? Are they upset? Sad? Trying to find their partner? Or have they run off on purpose, leading the good life with some other sock from the neighborhood?

Just shut up!
At our house we call them "lonely socks", and I keep them on my nightstand for a while so at least they have company. Occasionally a stray sock makes it back and gets to reunite with its lost counterpart.

Now I'm not saying that stuff constantly disappears. Sometimes I actually find items.

Loose change (not enough to retire, though), blank scrabble tiles (at least that's what  I think the square thing is) and the other object comes from a new dress shirt, if anybody knows the proper name of it, please let me know.

The guys left to watch a youth play-off hockey game and I stayed home, lonely happy to have some me-time. That's just it. First you want a family, then you are glad to be alone. Not having to clean up after, make a meal for, say no to more gadget time, pick up, take to, get something for somebody… At least for a while. 

I was going to write about the lonely socks later, but first I wanted the use the quiet time to watch a movie of the kind I am the only one at house who can fully appreciate its content. I chose "Forget Paris" because I recalled the two people to be lonely when they were apart, but as time went by, also when they were together. Also you can't fail with a film that has Billy Crystal in it. 

The first scene is a lady with huge glasses getting ready to play the organ, and you think this must be a funeral, but it isn't. It is the intro for a basketball game! Genius. Men should watch it!! They could see Kareem Abdul Jabbar getting ejected from his own farewell game. But then they probably will go to the fridge for another beer because Liz, Andy's fiancĂ©e, is crying. 

Side note: What is it with guys and handling female tears? Just asking. Here's a tip: hold her, tell her you love her, and it's going to be OK. It's really not that hard.

Or just buy her those boots ;-)
So I was talking about loneliness. You can be alone and be perfectly happy, and the next moment you are in the middle of a crowd and feeling lonely because you (think you) don't belong there. 

People are lonely because they cope with the loss of a loved one, no matter if the other person broke up, or even worse, died. Or they moved away, hate their new job, the weather, the neighbor and have a hard time making new friends. I imagine senior citizens who don't drive anymore, and whose friends passed away, can get lonely.

I think the bottom-line is how you feel about yourself. Are you happy with who you are? Are you good company for yourself? Can you be alone and not do anything, no chores, no TV,  no Facebook? Can you go out and have lunch alone? 

You'd better. No matter how many family members and friends usually  are around you, you have to be able to deal with yourself in every situation. Nobody can really take the hurdles in life for you. Don't expect others to make you happy. Life has no remote control - you have to get up and change it yourself!

Sock thief - finally apprehended!