Things end...

Just a quickie, I am at work....

Remember how the other day I was being very grown up about acknowledging that not every relationship can last? Well it's easy to say these things when you are not immediately concerned. Today I am.

It looks like Colin's and my favorite breakfast item disappeared from the fridge at the market. I suspect it has been reomived from the product line. They already did that with the raspberry mini roulades. And the chocolate ones, too. They were not performing well enough, we were told. Man, they are pastry, and they put them under pressure to succeed?

Back to the issue at hand. Respectively not at hand.

It's a six pack. Yes, for breakfast!

6 miniature pre-baked pancakes. You pop them in the toaster for 2 minutes, done. Yum!

We came back looking for it three days in a row.

Today, its location was taken by a new product, some thin, pseudo-French crêpes that need to be warmed in a pan. I don't do smelly cooking in the morning. No pans! Also while I don't have anything against thin crêpes as such, I really like a thick pancake. And I want it back in the shelf!!!

Rant over. I posted it on the market's consumer platform. Will keep you posted.