What if we fall in love?

This new year has me all fuzzy and sentimental. A couple of days ago I came across this song by Sheena Easton and Eugene Wilde, and it has stuck with me, I'm singing it in my head all the time:

You laid your feelings on the line, I never stood a chance
We found the perfect love this time, why let little doubt turn us inside out

What if we fall in love, what if we can't get out
What if we're in too deep, guess we both got doubts
What if it doesn't last, what if the road gets rough
Only fools ask what if we fall in love

Life never gives a guarantee, love doesn't always last
Why worry 'bout our destiny, I'm with you tonight, let's not question why


If you ever find yourself confused, if you ever think of leaving me
Just remember how much I love you, love is never worry free

chorus repeats 2x

What if we fall in love?

I am trying to figure out their story. 

Before you keep reading, humor me and ask yourself: what do YOU think is going on with that couple?

Are they gonna take the leap?

Here are my thoughts:

Have they been together before and are unsure if it is wise to reunite? 

If it's the perfect love THIS TIME, shouldn't they just go for it? 

Why didn't they make it the first time? 

And if the love is that perfect, why are they having doubts? Are there things that seem just too good to be true?

If they are in love, why would they WANT to get out? Not unless they had to, right?  Is one of them married, are they both? Do they have completely different political or religious values? Is one of them the other one's boss, teacher or doctor, or wait, a priest? I guess the forbidden apple tastes the sweetest. 

Maybe I am going overboard here. They may just have met on vacation and worry about a long distance relationship. Speaking of long distance… Eli's kids were asking about islands no one’s been to? Made me think of Tom Hanks as a FedEx employee stranding on a remote island, surviving 4 years eating Christmas cake from parcels and talking to his buddy Wilson, the volleyball. When he was rescued and wanted to reunite with his fiancee he learns that not only had he been declared dead, but also that she's gotten married and has a daughter. Talk about bad timing.

What if they're in too deep? If they have to ask this question, they probably are. 

Sorry to interrupt, Sheena and Eugene, Phil and the guys have something to say:

(To me, the most touching line of this Genesis song is "It's like we never knew each other at all" - in a relationship, romantic or business, you only get to really know each other when it ends. And that's not entirely the other person's fault. Well, it is, but I have to at least pretend to be  thoughtful about this here. Kidding aside, I am happy to tell you that most of my past loves send me happy birthday texts, call me for advice on their resume or even pass on their shoe shelf, so it probably wan't too bad. One has even become a family friend.)

She laid her feelings on the line. How many times in life does it happen that you can't help yourself but to expose yourself and be completely vulnerable? Wouldn't it be nice to get assurance that you are being rewarded for it and NEVER ever hurt? Well, Eugene said sang it: Life never gives a guarantee.

What if the road gets rough? Hope you got a 4WD, a GPS and no nagging passenger or a generous stash of Snickers - you should be fine.

What if it doesn't last? Chances are it won't, just look around. 
Should that stop you from enjoying it while it lasts? 
Spinster Snacks' "secret subject swaps" this month was IS IT BETTER TO HAVE LOVED AND LOST OR TO HAVE NEVER LOVED AT ALL? 

I guess you know MY answer. I am such a sucker believer in "love makes the world go round", and I have been known to follow my heart and cross oceans. Where there's light, there's also shadow, and I have cried and felt empty and lost. It's all part of the ride. 

What kind of a life would THAT be now?