Funny Friday - Glassagna

I don't always go groceries shopping 
after a charity board meeting, 
but when I do, I drop the jar.

Today’s post is the first of what will be a monthly feature here. It’s called Funny Friday and is a collaborative project that I’ll post on the last Friday of every month. Each month one of the participants submits a picture, then we all write 5 captions or thoughts inspired by that month’s picture. Links to the other bloggers’ posts are below, click on them and see what they’ve come up with. I hope we bring a smile to your face as you start your weekend.

Here’s today picture. It was submitted by Confessions of a part-time working mom:

This is me. Dropping the tomato sauce jar. Want to hear the full story? 

The new year had barely begun, when the charity chief scheduled a meeting with some ladies of the church at short notice. I don't like unproductive meetings, and I particularly don't like evening meetings for two reasons:
  • I depend on my husband to come home early, so we can have dinner. I run, he watches Colin and tucks him into bed. Sometimes I get lucky, and he loads the dishwasher. Can't guarantee that he actually remembers to start it, too!
  • I am expected to take the minutes, and frankly by 8pm of an average day, my brain goes into battery saving stand-by mode. This fact, in combination with a slightly erratic person running the meeting, makes for a good combination. Not.
Those of you who have been following my blog for a while, know that the chief has been *irritating the h*** out of me and the other board members. 

We had gotten used to just rolling our eyes and getting things over with. We were done talking and had announced to step down from our positions. So at this particular meeting, all of the chief's work intensive suggestions were declined by the church ladies. "Let's keep it simple" they said. 

I loved that meeting! 

Apart from a nasty comment she made about a person who wasn't there. 

But we were done in less than an hour, which gave me time to go groceries shopping on my way home. I stocked up on ingredients for… guess?

That's right. One of my "signature staple meals". 
The one I never get comments like "(INSERT FOOD) -  again???
The one I make enough to have leftovers that make for another dinner.
The one that allows me to spend an hour in the kitchen, sip on a glass of a main cooking ingredient and reflect on life. 

By the time dinner is ready, I am all mellowed out and good to talk to. As long as you don't mention 
*irritating topics.

It's also an opportunity to give back. You know, bring empty ingredient containers to the recycling collecting point. Unless you drop the jar like it happened the night I came back from the "let's keep it simple meeting". Then you just throw it away. Keep it simple. 

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*Irritating as in (random example):

Meeting 1: We agree on not doing cocktails at the yearly assembly (taking place on March 24) as there was going to be a 3-course dinner, interrupted by several speeches and music -> a lengthy program with plenty of food and wine. 
I take the minutes, so I'm pretty sure that's what we agreed on.

Meeting 2: The chief starts discussing napkins and appetizers for the cocktails. WHAT cocktails, we are not doing cocktails? Yes, of course we are. There is this great prosecco at our local grocery store, and it's cheap, too. 5.95! Eyes rolling. Arguing is a waste of time. I suggest "you send me a list of what you want, and I'll go shopping. Next topic?"

email1, March, 18: Tamara, I ordered a different prosecco. The one I was talking about is now 12 bucks. I have decided no white wine after all. You'll just have to provide chips or peanuts, you choose."

email2, March 22nd: Chief, I bought some yummy stuff, pistachio, popcorn, rosemary breadsticks... Do you want me to take everything to the meeting site during the day, or should I just have it ready when I arrive in the evening?"

email3, March 24: Tamara, just have everything ready. And make sure it's chilled.

Why on Earth would she want me to chill the chips? Is she nuts? 
Didn't she say she'd be taking care of the sparkling wine? 
Going back to email1. She ordered! 
That means she'd have it delivered, right? Or that she'd pick it up herself?

I try to call her. I try to call the store. No one ever picks up when you need them. 

I drive to the store and ask if by any chance there was some prosecco that needed to be picked up. The lady looks at me like I'm nuts. "Are you Mrs Gerber? We expected you on Friday! Mrs Chief said you were going to pick it up on Friday!"

"You know, I have not been made aware of that. Plus, for years and years, Friday has been one of my office days. Never mind. Do you still have those bottles ready for us? Thank you SO MUCH!" (I think I'm gonna open one right now!)

Now I've just got to chill 10 bottles of sparkling wine within 6 hours…

And you were wondering why I dropped the jar..?