C's pieces

Here's some of C's pieces, I think some are sweeter than Reese's Pieces. Although those aren't bad at all.

I have to write down this stuff because it's just too precious, and I don't want to forget it.

Sometimes one of his female kindergarten friends annoys him. When that happens, he calls her "Lady Gaga" without really knowing the original Lady Gaga, so I let him listen to my favorite songs by her, bad romance. I use it as a motivation when I chop veggies. 
The other day he tells me something stupid his friend did, and asks if I can play that song again for him. I don't pay much attention where I click, and look what happened:

Of course, for the rest of the day he is running around, singing "oh-oh-oh-oh-oooh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oooh, I'm gonna shit my pants, hahahaha!" Well, young man, I wouldn't laugh too loudly if I were you. After all it was you who triggered a code brown alert several times this week!

  • One time he had to take a free kick - very crucial moment! Couldn't interrupt his soccer game for a bathroom visit.
  • The other day he was at a kiddie's birthday party and claimed not to know where the bathroom was. 

"Poooops, you did it again" I said.
"Never mind…" Who knows what might have happened if I had tapped on the wrong Britney Spears' song.

About a month ago he went:
“What day of the week is May 9?”
“Let me check… it’s a Friday. Why?”
“I need to be picked up from daycare by 4:30pm then!”
“I work till 5:30, why would you want to go home early?”
“Because the game starts at 4:45!"
"What game???"
"THIS game of course": 

Finally, the big day arrived, and were watching Switzerland vs Russia. Dad recorded it, so we all could finish our regular day. While Colin was watching, I went through the newly posted secret subject swap contributions. With one eye and one ear I was following the game, though, and I heard the name Bobrovski. "Oh, is that the Blue Jacket's goalie?" I asked and was pretty proud of myself for remembering. Last season, Colin couldn't stop watching Damien Brunner's sensational shootout goal, that's how I even know the name Bobrovski:

"Moooom, just how many Russian goaltenders called Bobrovski do you know?" Touché.

Later he is allowed to sleep in our bed which he loves. He holds me real tight. 
"Is there enough pillow for you?"
"I love you soooo much, mommy!"
"Are you looking forward to Mother's Day? You won't have to do a thing, you know, I'll make a bed & breakfast for you. I hope I'll be able to handle the toaster."
The young lady who will win his heart one day is one lucky girl!

Mother's Day, early evening. He wants to look at his baby pictures.
"There I am! Were you happy that you finally had me? Look, I had hair from beginning! M (kindergarten buddy) told me he was a bald baby! You looked young and fun, mommy!" 

"Wow, thank you, that means a lot after a delivery like this, so today, do I look old and dull?"
He studies my face, examines my hair,  removes my glasses, puts them back on and concludes "actually, you still look pretty young, at least you have no white hair! It's even less messy than on the picture." 
Thanks again - that hospital hairdresser never really made it to my room after I got out of the birthing tub. I cared more about the anesthesiologist's appearance anyway!
"Tell me again how I pooped on your tummy right after I was born *chuckles* I'm gonna have to tell this E (different kindergarten buddy)!" No thanks.

"Oh, that's Daddy - carrying me cause I couldn't walk yet. He looked young, too!"
"He did - how about fun?"
"Yeah, fun, too - where is the edit button?" 
"He's got red eyes, you can edit them, you know!"
"Gee, really, there's a button for that - how do you know that?"
"Mom, I just know, and I know that you do, too!"
Haha, he's right, he takes a lot of pictures with my iPad and then goes ahead and crops, enhances and applies embossing, blurring, and grayscaling effects until this warning pops up!

"Look, here's Granddad - did he come to visit at the hospital? Was I aware that he was my Granddad?"

"Who is that, holding me here? Did they all want to paw me? Didn't I mind?"

"You got me a Habs uniform?  Was there a soft stick, too? How did you know I was going to like ice hockey?"
"Colin, we just knew, OK?" Hahahaha!
"You had to buy a lot of stuff for me, clothes, diapers, toys..!"
"Yeah, and we got a lot of gifts, too. People go crazy when a baby is born, everybody wants to give something to the cute baby!"
"So basically all the people who wanted to touch me, brought a gift?"
"No, some shipped it! It was unbelievable. For about 3 months we received cards and packages almost every day!"

"Oh, I had a pumpkin suit! Was that Halloween? Are those nurses, did I have to go to the hospital again?"
"No, you were fine, we just took you trick or treating!"
"Huh? Really? Why to the hospital?"
"Actually we took you to the friendly nurses who looked after us so nicely. We brought them treats and showed you off!"
"What treats? Did I get some, too?"

"Mirjam and Peter were babysitting me. Where did you guys go? Did they tuck me in? Who changed my diaper?"
"Daddy and I went out for dinner, on our monthly date. I'm pretty sure Mirjam changed your diaper."
"Dinner? Where did you go? Pasquale's?" (Our favorite Italian neighborhood restaurant)
"We went to different place and had some venison."
"I see. Did you have dessert, too?"
"No, and you know why? As soon as we were done eating, we wanted to go home and see you!"
"Really? Did you miss me?"
"A lot!"
"Monthly date? There wasn't a picture in October?"
"Yeah. We quit the monthly date after only one month and just went out on birthdays and anniversaries, and very soon you joined us!"

It was a shame that his bedtime story was due, and we had to end our little conversation. I could have gone on for a long time!