Different somehow

This morning, kindergarten kids and their families were invited to a special event. 

For the past few weeks they had been taking a look at themselves: who am I, what can I do, what are my strengths, what are things that other kids can do better? What is it like if you can't see, hear or walk? Also they visited the local home for the handicapped. 

Today was an opportunity to show us parents what they've learned and let us experience first-hand what being different somehow was all about.

Welcome! Here we are, singing the rainbow song for you!
My mom, the designated photographer, in action
Balancing acts
Feel the texture with your eyes closed
How about tying that shoelace while wearing gloves?
Wheelchair rides - some of the kids were racing around
skillfully, then they hopped off and ran away
Can you recognize sounds like the dropping of a ping pong ball
or the scrunching up of a newspaper?
Which cubes match?
All the pairs were different rattles
How about with cotton in your ears?
This exercise was C's favorite: you could get
M&Ms if you guessed right ;-)

Those glasses made you see - nothing!
No, the animal you're groping isn't a dino!
Stevie? Ray?
Sorry, Noel, I can't help myself...
Give the donkey its tails back - with blindfolds on!
Some regular schoolyard fun
Together we're strong!
What an incredible cake buffet!
Yes, that's where my lemony puzzle pieces ended up!
Reunion of the busy moms. Let's take a pic;
who knows when we'll see each other again!
I thoroughly enjoyed this course of the senses, especially the "blind" experience. Yes, I put on the glaucoma glasses and stalked around with my white cane. I felt completely helpless even though I had accompanied C before and "knew" where the thresholds and the bumps were. I called C for help, and I was very grateful to feel his little hand in mine. He kept asking "what's this, guess?" and held something for me to touch, just I couldn't see where. "Put it in my hand, please!" 

There were baskets with stuffed or wooden animals, and I had to admit that had I not seen the chimp before, I wouldn't have a chance to find out what it was. A teddy? 

A huge thank you to all the teachers who arranged and cared for this morning!