Welcome to May's Secret Subject Swap - It's a Matter of Character

Welcome to May’s Secret Subject Swap. Again 15 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

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My subject is 

What character(s) from books, TV or film 
do you most identify with personally and why?

It was submitted by Climaxed - thank you!

I want to take this opportunity to also thank you, Karen! You slip me the best prompts! 
Now if all the others think so, too - then everybody wins.

OK, are you ready? Got snacks? Let's get started, this is gonna be a long movie night… 

As a girl I was Annika, Pippi Longstocking's loyal friend. I was always admiring older, ballsier girls who did stuff I didn't dare to initiate myself. Typical follower that I was, I enjoyed being in for the ride, and I was ready for my share of the punishment if there was any, but I didn't have the courage to go all the way on my own.

Even as a teenager I was still a pretty good girl, reasonable, smart. I think I could have been Sondra Huxtable, including the day she announced that she didn't want to go to university. I didn't pull a stunt like working at the wilderness store, though, instead I went into banking. You know, being Swiss and all, it was either this or cheese making. 

As soon as I had this first job, I moved out, and I became Beckie Bloomwood from the Shopaholic series. I loved buying stuff. Let's be honest, I still do, but I can't come up with that many justifications why I need these things any more. When I became a mom, all I ever bought for a long while was baby stuff. Also I have come to the point where I ask myself "what items am I going to throw out if I buy this?" Sometimes this does the trick. Like this week. It has nothing to do with the assignment, I just wanna show you, I know some baking ladies are going to read this… My colleague at work showed me the Day Deal on her screen:
Mini Donut Bakery Kit - how cute is that?
I am proud to report that I didn't order it. My coworker did, though. For his 6 year old daughter. I hope, hope, hope she'll invite me over for some girlie baking one day! I'll bring the sprinkles!

I didn't even purchase that jacket!
Unfortunately back then, I got myself into the same trouble as Rebecca. Think lots of the month left at the end of the paycheck and maxed out credit cards all the time. I didn't meet Luke who saved my broke butt, so I had to bail myself out, and I did.

In order to do so, I had to be a Working Girl. Not necessarily Tess McGill. No big hair, sneakers and business suit or stealing my bosses boyfriend - although no guarantees, had I ever worked for someone who was dating Harrison Ford.  

Maybe I was more like Alison Parker from Melrose Place. I think we can see a pattern here. Among a group of crazy people who knew how to have fun, I was the nice girl, leaving the party early (and alone) in order to go to the trenches every morning.
I wasn't dreaming about becoming an actress, princess, mistress, actually anything ending in -ess. Wait, I wanted success, but I certainly lacked the killer instinct to be Amanda Woodward, even though I admired her coolness. Ohhps, more -ess I wouldn't have minded to have!

There's another character I identified a lot with. If I actually had gone to medical school and become an ER doctor, I would have been Susan Lewis. She knows her sh** and is an excellent doc. The patients and colleagues love her, but she gets intimidated by old school guys like Dr. Keaton or the overly ambitious, humorless Kerri Weaver. That is so me!  One thing I never understood about Susan: nothing against Mark Green (loved him and cried hard when he died!), but why wasn't she into Doug Ross? I might have worked as an orderly at Chicago County Hospital just get the chance to run into him!

In terms of guys I was both, Marie and Sally from "when Harry met Sally".
Marie because she had a relationship with a married man who - so she kept hoping - would leave his wife and be with her. The guy I hung on to for too long, wasn't married but wouldn't leave his girlfriend either. And Sally? It's not what you think. Honestly! But I do believe that men and women can be friends. Bites me in the a** every now and then.

Speaking of… I took a handful of quizzes "which Sex and the City character are you?" 
I expected to be Charlotte but got Carrie Bradshaw a lot. It can't be for the shoes, though. I'd rather use my hard earned bucks to pay for my pension fund premiums than a pair of Manolo Blahnik's. Also, I have never in my life bought a copy of Vogue - I need my oven to actually bake! So if I'm a little bit of Carrie, it must be for the writing, believing in love and following my heart. 

unknown character
For the next stage in my life I am at a loss for finding a character I can relate to. Anyone knows a book, show or movie about a girl who is getting married and is not excited about choosing her wedding dress? Seriously! I don't like wearing a regular dress, let alone some extravagant, long, glitzy thing I can't get into alone! A couple of weeks before the big day, my fiancĂ© practically dragged me to the bridal shop. "Can't I get married in jeans or sweatpants?" I was pushing it. 

And what a borderline experience it turned out to be… A dozen bridezillas, surrounded by sales girls, were having the time of their lives, trying on dress after dress after dress, imagining their hair being up or down, and talking to their maid of honor about what shoes, jewelry and flowers they were going to wear with each and every dress.

And then there was me with "let's get this over with, quickly!" written all over me. Meanwhile the blow-dried gay store owner guy was having coffee with my future husband. No one ever asked me if I wanted a glass of water, let alone sparkling wine. Surreal. They really should make a movie about the reluctant wedding dress shopper, formerly known as shopaholic! In case you're wondering: I did not end up being a runaway bride! How stupid is it to run from Richard Gere, anyway?
Don't hold rainbow hair against him!
I struggled trying to find a mom character that fits me. Every mother, in books, TV shows or movies, loves her children. One may be crazier than the other, but they'd probably all jump in front of the train to save their kid(s). Even Peggy Bundy. She's a no-no, though. 

I ruled out some more: 

Murphy Brown. She's a business woman, she is a mature mother, she likes music, so far so good. But she's too tough, I feel I am more agreeable and charming if I may say so. Plus does she really bond with her baby? How long did it take her to just find a name for Avery? Then she hired and fired countless nannies. What 40-ish mom doesn't at least spend some time at home with the child she wished for so desperately?

Becky Katsopolis-Donaldson knows what she wants (and doesn't want - yay, we've got that in common!), is mostly sweet and cheerful, and she balances work and family effortlessly (I wish). However, it's not so hard when there's not only a husband, but a bunch of other men, who have way more experience (and passion?) to bring up children. heck, there's even one who likes to clean! Her idea of a fun surprise for her cute little twin boys is a glass of apple juice with a fancy straw. Speaking of fancy… ever noticed how her clothes never get stained in the kitchen?

Jill Taylor, home improvement mom of four boys, three of them underage. I could be her. I have a sense of humor, I am patient to a certain degree, I don't mind being the only female in the house and doing a lot of laundry. I am interested in psychology, but sooner or later I would probably wish the husband, as charming as he can be on anniversaries, would grow up instead of blow up the house.

I went for Cindy Walsh who moved from Minnesota to California. She is a warmhearted, down-to-earth mom who has an open ear and always a bucket of ice cream not only for her own kids but their friends as well. She is wise enough to realize that no piece of clothing or hairdo will turn her into a Beverly Hills  90210 lady who lunches, so she stays the way she is and tries to role model that to her daughter. Now I don't have a girl, but I have a boy who is smart, cute and plays hockey - just like Brandon. Oh, and the husband, Jim? Works a lot and lets her deal with what's going on at home. Bingo. 

Now who on earth could I be, should I become a grandma one day? The only one who comes to mind is Sophia Petrillo from the Golden Girls. Looks like I have to become an 80 year old lady until I will finally let my hair down and go for the fun!

Phew, when I started writing this, I thought this was going to be easy… so many characters to choose from!

I guess this says a lot about my uniqueness, hahaha! Kidding aside, I wonder how far away my self Image is from how others perceive me? Feel free to comment, and don't hold back!