Ice cream & bottom smacks with three wise monkeys

The other day Colin and I bumped into Doris who is Eric's and Vincent's mommy. We exchanged a couple of words, and just before she hit the road, he invited her sons over for a playdate on Thursday, and she agreed. That's how things work around here.

Come Thursday, I found myself picking up the boys from Kindergarten, respectively daycare. Originally I meant to prepare a treasure hunt or something to keep them entertained, but I was just too lazy. Instead I decided to treat them to some ice cream.

Just entering the Supermarket with them was a sight for the gods. Or maybe it was just me. I'm a one boy's Mama, and the dynamics are so much different when there's, well, more of them!

First they made a spring at the DVD rack.

"Oh, look, Rio 2, how cool!" (Humming the Rio theme)
"I have never seen this Tom & Jerry!"
"I need a new Planes movie, I misplaced mine!"

While they were kneeling in front of that shelf, I picked out an olive oil.

"What do you need that wine for?" Eric asked. OMG, do I look like a person who intends to drink in broad daylight with kids present? In all fairness, it had the shape and the color of a wine bottle.

"Let's get ice cream, shall we?"

V thought that clearly there must be another ice cream freezer

"Can we go to your place now?"
"I can't walk and lick at the same time!"
(Remember, boys are prospective men, no multitasking, hahaha)

E is not happy about having to sit down.
What a waste of time. There's so much playing to do!

Good friends aren't sulking for long.
"Want to try mine?"
As we sat there, a minivan parked in front of us, and two construction guys got out and went to the store. The three boys must have paid attention to the handimen's conversation because when they came out with their sodas, they told me the one with the Coke was Michael, and the one with the iced tea was Manuel. Aha.

Next a 30ish woman with down syndrome walked by.
The youngest of the boys had this grin on his face as if he were about to make fun of her when his brother nudged him and whispered matter of factly "she's handicapped."
"How do you know that?" I wanted to know.

"I've seen her around."
"You see lots of people around, how do you know she is disabled?"
"She has got a funny look."

"There's people who can't see. They're blind" Eric stated.
"That's true. But still they can get around, how do they do that?"
"They've got a dog! Or a stick!"
"I admire them. Do you know anyone who is blind?"
"We've got a new neighbor. Because, you know, the lady who lived there? She died."
"I heard about that. Is he blind nice, your new neighbor?"
"He's got a cat."
Giggling, he goes:
"The cat is blind!"
"What's so funny about that?"
"I was just thinking... will they provide a blind cat with a dog - cause handling a stick would be kind of inconvenient?"

On our way home there was a lot of boy's talk going on. Farts, poop, peckers, butts, it's all very exciting. Especially when there's a woman's butt to pat, which C likes to do. At home as well as in public. The more I try to stop him, the more he thinks it's funny. Doris told me the other day Vincent was into her butt, too. We decided we must be two extraordiarily sexy moms.

Finally at home they secluded themselves in Colin's room. An iPhone and a blue flashlight would keep them them entertained for a while.

Why is C wearing less / different clothes, you ask? Well, see, there was a good reason he was talking about poo all the time... As it turned out, his boxers have been compromised for a while. A long while - as long as it took for the mess to become all dry and crumbly..! Let me just tell you, it also took a long shower to get him all cleaned up. Of course I started a load of laundry as soon as we were done in the bathroom. But(t) it didn't take long, and he ran to the bathroom again. And needed another shower. Diarrhea is a bitch.

Bottom line, it was a great afternoon with some shitty aspects, but I certainly enjoyed the conversations with his friends. Also they built some impressive things with Lego.

When their Dad picked them up, C thought it was a good time to smack my butt again. Andrew grinned and said "you know, Vincent likes to do that, too!"
"Yeah, I heard that! Doris told me!"
"He doesn't have it from me!" he said apologetically. 
Must be an act of nature or something.