Top 10 Things - "I'd never…"

The other day I came across a fun post by Stickyfings and thought I'd give it a try. Her new link-up started a while ago, so if you'd like to catch up, this is what has been going on so far:

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Top 10 things you will never hear your husband say to another man

Today's topic is 

10 things you always said you'd never do, 
but ended up doing it anyway

  1. Having kids - hey, I was 10! And my little brother a royal PIA
  2. Getting back with an ex-boyfriend. For the 3rd time.
  3. Having a Twitter account
  4. Coordinating lunch / dinner so husband wouldn't feel he's late
  5. Racing to school to bring son show and tell item he forgot 
  6. Hiring a friend as an assistant
  7. Working for my husband
  8. Asking for a kitchen machine
  9. Assuming a board function with an association
  10. Going on vacation to an Arabic country. Alone. Blonde.