Top 10 Things - "survival items"

Today's topic is 

The whole world comes to an end. You are the only survivor left. All you have is the 10 items closest to where you find yourself RIGHT NOW. Name the items and how they will help you in your survival. No cheating!

  1. Last night when this prompt was published, we were enjoying my Dad's birthday wine tasting. We had 10 bottles. I'm done ;-)
    OK, for the fun of it...

    I'd use the empty ones as drift bottles - hoping that somewhere there'd be other survivors after all!
  2. The ones with leftover wine would keep me entertained :-)
  3. There was also some food, so I wouldn't go hungry for a day or so.
  4. My son's coloring pencils... would come in handy to actually write the note, you know - my message in a bottle.
  5. The backside of the paper with the tasting notes - again, for the please rescue me note.
  6. Before Colin went to bed, he also left his Panini soccer sticker album on the table. So I would finally have a chance to look at the player's portrays and memorize their names. Not sure how this would help me survive - unless one looked really hot!?
  7. My mobile phone - even if there's no one I could call. At least I could post on Facebook "hello world, I'm the only one left" - but frankly, where's the fun in that if nobody likes and comments?
  8. A cheese knive. Do you think it'd be sharp enough to kill my prey? Are there animals when the world comes to an end? If there are, do you think I'd actually be able to hunt one down and kill it? I don't.
  9. So I'd go vegetarian. Plant a strawberry and hope for some baby berries. Soon!
  10. Valentine Barbie. She was sitting on the side table, guarding the BBQ tongs. Yes, the grill is just outside. So I'd actually be able to cook my meat. But if I don't, and I go down because I am pretty sure my practical survival skills are not that strong, at least there'd be a fellow blonde.