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Don't let the title fool you - I'm afraid I'm not taking you on a virtual trip to a secluded tropical island! Well, not today, anyway. There's not even an independence day bikini giveaway. I'm especially not telling you about how I purchased the first bikini in years last summer. Not a pleasant experience, believe me. 

If you're happy with a trip across the Röstigraben though, just go ahead and click here. Yes, I'll explain what the Röstigraben is! I can even give you a glimpse of Graceland if that's where you've always wanted to go. 

Today you'll get to hear from Karen at Baking In A Tornado who celebrated her 2 year blogversary just last week (yes, that's a hint! Go over there and wish her a happy one!) why she nominated mine as one of the blogs she likes. To me this is so much better than a free bikini! Thanks, my friend!

Let's get started and answer those questions:

What are you working on?
This past weekend I finally finished "a woman's place" - I had to start over after deleting a post that was almost complete by mistake. I was annoyed, grumbling and all, swearing I would not go and re-write everything - but I really wanted to cover this topic. Interestingly enough I took a whole different turn the second time around!
What about the near future? I have a couple of projects in the back of my head. If I told you here, I'd actually have to follow through and deliver. If I did I'd use the following words: polar bear, PTSD, Canada, vet, aurora and peace.
What I can promise are regular contributions to the following writing challenges: top ten Tuesday, funny Friday, use your words and secret subjects swap.
I usually post the links on my FB pageBlogger and Google+

How does your work differ from others in its genre?
First of all I don't consider it work. Cleaning up is work, folding laundry and filling in tax declaration forms.
Writing is fun, and I would hope that you can tell by reading my posts.

Genre? Am I a mom who blogs or a mommy blogger? I'm not sure what the difference is, but I know that there are discussions going on about this, probably similar to SAHMs and working moms. I am neither, and I don't really care. I like to do it as Frankie does..

I do have one thing that distinguishes me from most of the others, genre or not. English is not my first language. So I guess my work differs because nobody else's best friend is called Leo!

Why do you write / create what you do?
Because I like it. And thanks to the fact that I don't have to fulfill expectations tied to a genre or sponsors, I can go ahead and blog about my son and his friends, holidays, trips and what can go wrong when you travel, everyday life, even the occasional recipe - basically about whatever I feel like. 

How does your writing / creating process work?
Well, first I brainstorm, then write a draft, carefully counting words per paragraph,...
Kidding. Even though I try hard to get more organized in general, my blog is not the place for it!
Usually I just go about my usual day when an idea hits me. Or other bloggers inspire me. In the best of worlds I could sit down immediately and just type away. Instead it usually has to wait until I get a chance to at least start. I might write the title, plus a paragraph or two until it's time to pick up Colin or to go shopping or to start making dinner. 
I know it'd be the smart thing to let a post sit for a couple of days, return with a clear head, edit, consider structure, try to look at it from the audience's angle and then publish. But? I am not a patient person. I want to write, insert pictures, read through it once - if I must - and hit the button. I like to think that I can keep it authentic that way ;-)

And now… *drum roll* here are my nominations of the blogs I like:

Today I have decided to nominate bloggers who are new to me, and whose posts I like because they are funny, creative, and I can relate to them:

Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures reminded me that it is OK to cut yourself some slack: 6 lazy ways to celebrate earth day and Craft Fail. She seems to have eternal energy and ideas!

Corli aka Sticky Fings and I connected over her project Top Ten Tuesdays. She lives in magical South Africa, and I like to imagine lions sneaking around in her back yard while she sits on her porch and blogs.

Rebecca is Diz Mommy - she has a one year old son and discovers new facets to mommyhood every day - like the time when some weird dude put a grape in her baby's mouth. She even told her husband from which she usually keeps certain secrets. 

Let's celebrate! Cocktails and compliments for everybody!

Now that's almost a trip to the island!


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