Recycling Paradise

In my #100HAPPYDAYS post I was talking about the next challenge I am eyeing with: 

De-cluttering 365 Items in 365 Days 

Now I can't clean up every day. Well, I can, and I do. I have to, but that's just to maintain  the status quo. Our house is in need of more radical treatment!

This Sunday we did about a month's worth, probably more! 

The rule is that the items have to leave the house, so we set aside bags with baby toys to take to C's daycare and a bag with gifts I don't appreciate to re-gift, and come Monday we packed up our car with throw away items, and to the newly opened recycling paradise we went!

One of my problems with clutter is that I don't know how to get rid of it when it doesn't fit in a trash bag. Yes, around here we can't just stuff it into a huge garbage container.

We fill 30 liter (7 gallons) bags and leave them on the sidewalk once a week. Each bag requires a CHF 3 sticker. CHF 3 = USD 3.32
Go figure.  

A paradise it was, indeed! Only 3km (2 miles) away, too!

Mon - Sat from 9 - 12 and 1 - 6pm, not too bad! 

Our basement was full of waste paper, cardboard, plastic / glass bottles and tin cans. 

What we usually would do:

Bundle up, leave on sidewalk 4 times a year

Using the tin can press, squash and insert

Toss in one glass jar after the other,
making sure to know your colors: white, green, brown
Those containers are located in the village center.

Plastic bottles go here (supermarkets)
Individually pressed, one after the other
Not anymore!

Just dump your un-bundled paper!!!

Dump hundreds of plastic bottles at once!
There's also a counter for special / bulky items. You have to pay for those. I don't know how much it is - the things I put on the conveyer belt didn't trigger the weight minimum, so the lady wished me a nice day, and I was free to go!

Well, not without checking out the kids' area! Early practice makes the master, right?

With an empty trunk (well, almost empty, we wanna keep our hockey stick! The new season is just around the corner, they've already prepped the blue lines at our stadium!) and in high spirits we went home!