Top Ten Tuesday - 10 things I hate about summer vacation

Stickymom sent her kids back to school yesterday. Yes, winter holidays are over in South Africa. So we decided to come up with this:

The top ten things you hate most about school vacation

I'll admit, my first thought was to say "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday …"

But then I realized I would still have to find five more!! Also I don't hate every day of the week just because the little guy is in my face all the time. No - I still get to go to work three days, hahaha!


I don't hate school vacation.

Maybe I'm too new to it? After the first realization that I won't have any me-time for a couple of weeks, I'm pretty excited about the opportunity to reconnect with Colin and to do stuff together. So much that on our first day off we held a workshop to list "things to do" for our summer bucket list. 

He took care of the beverage service,
and he did a great job!

Back to the topic at hand. There are a few minor things that are a bit annoying:

  1. I can't kiss Colin goodbye and send him off to school on Monday mornings only to linger in my jammies and waste some time online before tackling those nasty chores.
  2. I have to share my iPad!
  3. All of our neighbors and friends with kids are away - so I have to be the goalie, the defense wall and the forward!
  4. Sunblock. There are no such things as ultra sheer, dry-touch, sweat-proof, oil-free, long-lasting, damage-reversing, budget-friendly sunblock lotions, gels or sprays. There just aren't.
  5. Mosquitos - I hate the sound they make! I hate that when I finally decide to turn on the lights - the mosquito is gone! Well, not gone, of course. Sitting somewhere, laughing at me, patiently waiting for me to turn the lights back off and try to fall asleep. Because that's when buzzing starts again.
    Last summer I read about smells that mosquitos hate. I kid you not! I spiked some lemon halfs with cloves, burnt sage leaves and put them, along with some leaves of a tomato plant on my nightstand. The mosquito left me with a couple of itching bites and a note "next time bring basil".
    And they don't just attack me. They're after Colin as well. Look at the poor guy's eyelid!
  6. A staycation in Switzerland is almost as expensive as going away. That's what you get for playing bucket list!
  7. Other families out and about. The kind that leave their kids run wild and spoil them rotten until they finally stop whining. Rides, ice cream, toys with no end. They're making it hard for me to set and observe limits. And it's not that C isn't well taken care of!! 
  8. Vacation opening hours. It's not that our opening hours are anything spectacular during "regular time", but don't count on every so called service to be available during a summer vacation day. Post office hours below.
  9. Speaking of available. Please, please don't let Colin catch chicken pox or have yet another tooth knocked out. Because if that happened, of course our pediatrician and / or dentist would be where? At the beach? In the mountains? I don't know - but I can tell you where they will not be: at their office. 
  10. No rest for the weary housewife. Cooking, cleaning, laundering, repeat.