Back to school - Colin is a 1st grader!

Finally! The big day has arrived - first day of school, how exciting! 

I wouldn't know myself, though. Can you believe I missed my own first day of school? I was at home in bed with the measles, high fever, and I thought this was the worst thing that would ever happen to me in my whole life. 

So excuse me if I was just about as excited as the real 1st grader in the house ;-)

Not many words, but lots of pictures to tell you about Colin's first day as a 1st grader!

5 a day snack box
Don't expect me to keep it up!

Drizzly Monday morning - we are on our way!

School house, recently remodeled

Best buddy Eric is in the same class!
Teacher, be afraid!
Grandma can't believe where the years went
Who can, really?

This is actually the neighbor class

What do you have in your backpack?

K - I'm ready! What now?

Warm up song

Draw a picture about your summer vacation

Eric's little brother Vincent is waiting for HIS big day,
he was going to start kindergarten later today!

Don't disturb, I'm all focused!


Lots of text with thumbnail pictures,
never mind the kids who actually drew colorful pictures!

What does the schedule say?
More classes in the afternoon today?

Notice how I got promoted from orange
 to yellow reflection band?

Yay, homework! 
Mom baked some cool snacks

So, he thought it was mainly cool (he wasn't too thrilled about music school - he expected the teacher to be prettier, and that there would be instruments for the kids) and is ready to go back again. Phew!