Colin's Summer Bucket List

Our area is the one with the shortest summer vacation in Europe, only four weeks! Better make the most of it! On our first Monday we put together a summer bucket list. As in our country we can't count on four weeks of sunshine and blue skies, we color-coded the wishes into nice and not so nice weather. Also we distinguished half and full days. How very organized, huh ;-)

So on our first not so nice weather half day we went to IKEA! 
Meat ball lunch and Småland, yay!

On this gorgeous day we visited to places in the Eastern part of Switzerland. 
Together with my mom we first went to see how the Appenzeller cheese is made.

Well, it's basically  a lot of milk, blended together with salt and bacteria cultures!

This piece of cheese is actually part of the playground!

Off to Vaduz, Liechtenstein, our neighbor mini state. 
On a hot day, iced tea on a bench in the shadow was much welcome!

Next stop Ridamm City, kind of a Western town fun park.
It was pretty deserted - on a positive note: no waiting in line!

They offer a course, comparable to miniature golf - only with a soccer ball!

Colin had a blast!

Below is a slide show video containing the cheese factory as well as the soccer course:

Not on the list, but highly entertaining: 
Filling up almost empty shower gel bottles and shake! 
Take a shower with your very own strawberry / chocolate mixture, yum!

As soon as C heard when "Planes 2, Fire & Rescue" would start in Swiss cinemas, 
he wrote an invitation to his friend Eric:

It says:

"Hello Eric, it's been almost a year since our last sleepover, (actually he wrote "slipover"). On August 16 we will go and see "Planes 2, Fire & Rescue" and after this, we can have a sleepover (this time he wrote "slepower"). I'm already looking forward to it! 
Kind regards, Colin"

"Sleepower (he added a v) from August 16 to 17"

I thought it was the cutest thing.

I thought it wasn't all that cute when he found my secret stash for gift toys. Yeah, well...

Where there's a bucket list, there's also a to-do list. Sometimes they go hand in hand.
Bucket list: go to the mall

To-do list: purchase a pencil case

When Daddy's out for a business dinner… C wants to cash in his BK night

This time he even got to share his cheeseburger with Buzz Aldrin

For an only child there's nothing better than playdates with good friends!

Or some quality time with Daddy

Special highlight: airport visit with Grandma!

A day downtown can't be missing! Toy store, tram ride, pizza, Luxemburgerli,...

Trip to the zoo in Basel, again with Grandma!

On our last day of this year's summer vacation 
we made it to the transportation museum in Lucerne

Whoa, I almost weigh nothing on the moon!

3D movie "Kenya"

I think I'm in paradise!

We had more adventures like birthday parties, hubby's and my 10th anniversary, August 1st,  Swiss national holiday - but hey, they weren't on the bucket list!