Go ask Mommy - Shark Week!

I always love to read the latest edition of Go Ask Daddy over at Coach Daddy's Blog.  Every Friday he'll answer five questions his kids asked him. They typically include semi-scary sea creatures, sports, entertainment and other subjects. I like the life questions best. Example: when you're pregnant, does the baby eat? Is Elvis dead?

Once I forwarded a question that my son Colin asked, to Eli. It was why he hates the RED WINGS so much. He then suggested to answer them myself - on his blog. 

So that's what I'm doing today:

"In the entire world how many languages are there?"
"Way more than there are countries, I’d say."

You will find the answer to this question plus to many more, including some sharky ones over here at Coach Daddy's GO ASK desk!

Please honor Eli and myself and head over there - see you!