Top Ten Tuesday - Stop fidgeting!

I have no idea how Stickymom came up with this topic. Clearly she must have been reading parenting books and brainstorming with other moms for days - or not. Hahaha! 

10 things you repeatedly tell your kids, 
but they just don't get it

I have asked Colin to contribute to this one, and he came up with #1 - 3:

  1. Come on, hurry on already! (Brush your teeth, wash your hands, get dressed!)
  2. Business before pleasure
  3. Stop fidgeting!
  4. Go to the bathroom (preferably before it's too late!)
  5. Leave my gadgets alone (I don't appreciate your setting alarms for 3am, I just don't!) My car is no toy either for that matter!
  6. No candy stealing! Especially right before dinnertime!
  7. Ask permission before bringing your friends into the house - particularly if they are barefoot and coming directly from the sandpit.
  8. Stay in bed! It's hard enough to get you there…
  9. Don't smack mom's butt - and other girls' for that matter
  10. Don't say "no" when you're told to do something. Just do it! Don't waste time arguing about it, get it over with! Yes, we are taking a shower today, just as we did yesterday, and btw we will be doing so tomorrow, too!

Today's events may make it necessary to add a #11…  "Only buy what's on the list!"

We had spent the day in the city and picked up some groceries for dinner at the gas station store on our way home. When I started making the salad dressing I realized the ketchup was past its expiration date. Colin tasted it and thought it definitely wasn't right. 

He offered to go to the local groceries store all by himself. Wow! That was a first!
I happily accepted and gave him 10 bucks.

From our kitchen window you can see people walking toward our entrance, and what I saw about 20 minutes later was a little boy with a relatively large bottle of ketchup in one hand, and a considerably large triple pack of kitchen paper rolls. 

I opened the door, and he held out the items towards me. Oh, and on his face… a smirk like you haven't seen in a while!

"Thank you so much for getting the ketchup. Now tell me… What's with the kitchen paper?"

He started singing and dancing...

Everyone here is on fire 
Get up and join in the fun 
Dance with a stranger, 
Romance and danger, 
Magic could happen for real, 
In Rio 
All by itself (itself) 
You can't see 
It coming 
You can't find it anywhere else (anywhere else) 
It's real, in Rio 
Know something else (something else)

Haha, it was Rio themed kitchen paper! At 2 bucks a roll!!

*Clearing my throat*

"You are something else, you know that? How did you even know if you were going to have enough money?"

"Duh, I did the math, and it was enough. The magazine was for free. Here's your change."

All 25 cents of it. Yeah, prices in Switzerland. But that's a whole other story...

Sit down and let me take a picture!!


10 things are actually peanuts compared to how many items are being mentioned in the Mom song:

While we're at it… I'm not sure if you've heard the Dad song as well?

How that lady manages to keep a straight face is beyond me...