September Secrect Subject Swap - 24

Welcome to September’s Secret Subject Swap. Again 11 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

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My subject is 

Today the sun is up for 24 hours. Just today. 

What do you do with the extra hours in the day today? 

Tomorrow things go back to normal. 

Do you miss the long day? 

It was submitted by Evil Joys Speaks - thanks, Joy!

Draw the curtains and sleep. Let the sun shine for those who care… Can you tell I'm feeling exhausted? I'd love 24 hours of Halloween, but - let's wait for 24 hours' night!

Assuming that special day comes with unlimited amounts of energy, patience and a cheerful mood, then why not take it on September 20? That's the date we've envisaged for holding Colin's birthday party. It has been on his mind all summer long, and I've been holding him off saying he'd start first grade and would meet new friends, so he'd better wait before writing that guest list. The other day he brought up the topic again and asked how many people he could invite.

I sent him to the living room and kitchen and had him count the chairs. He came back and reported to have found ten chairs. That's right. One is for you, makes nine. Dad and I want some cake, so you're down to seven. Grandma is gonna wanna come, we're at six, and that's how old you're turning, so you've got your amount of guests. Wait a minute, does that mean we'll have to buy another chair next year?

He wasn't impressed but proceeded by announcing he wanted to do a video invitation again cause it was so much fun two years ago!


2014 What a difference two years make at that young age!

I haven't told him yet, but thanks to Joy's topic, we will be able to celebrate in shifts!

22,000-square foot custom-built manse in the Brentwood neighborhood of L.A.
That's right, think of it as building skyscrapers! If you don't have the premises of a Giselle Bundchen and Tom Brady you've got to reach for the stars! The ones up in the sky that is!

Willis Tower, formerly known as Sears Tower,
108 stories, 1,452 foot tall
Technically it'd take multiple towers, but you get the picture. So instead of throwing one party from, let's say 1:30 to 5pm we could take a short break, restock toilet paper rolls and iced tea bottles, and then go on to the next batch of guests. Come to think of it, we could actually redecorate in-between! Colin has been thinking about a Brazilian rainforest theme, but he also likes his Disney Cars and Planes. Let's not forget a sports party, think hockey pucks and blue and red lines!

Ha, I'm getting the hang of this! More party, more cake! Different ones, and the day is long, I can squeeze in a whole lot of baking in the morning. 

Limiting oneself, making compromises, setting priorities are all good things to learn for life - but hey, children's birthdays are not the time for it, right? 

Let's talk about the sports party for a minute. He is thinking of having each guest take a couple of rounds of penalty kicks. Those who miss, are eliminated. I argued that some kids might not like to play soccer and feel excluded or embarrassed. They would probably enjoy the Rio party much better! And he would be able to invite kids from the school yard who are not close friends but who would love to show up to the ESPN Party in their favorite club's jersey!

It would allow us to consider other activities his little buddies have typically planned on a Saturday afternoon. Boy scouts meeting, soccer practice, ballet recital, helping their dad washing his car - and they could still make it to the second or third shift of the party. Those of you who are parents of young kids know that I am not exaggerating. They may only be six or seven years old, but their social calendar is busier than ours! And ours is only busy because we have to take the little ones to their appointments and dates.

Let's take a look at the schedule - assuming the house is clean (haha, remember, this whole post is fiction..), and the fridge is full:

8am: get up, make breakfast, take shower, get dressed
9am - 12pm: bake
12:15pm: fix a couple of sandwiches = lunch
12:30pm: decorate for Rio party: plants, parrots, fruit - Colin wants mangoes, pineapples,…

These people on Pinterest… isn't it incredible?
1:30pm: Rio party guests arrive
3pm: Rainforest cake
4:30pm: parents watch their kids dancing to Samba music and then pick up and leave

4:45 - 5:15pm: discarding of jungle stuff, break out the cars and planes

Is this even a real cake?
I could coat a regular round cookie box with fondant
and put a die-cast plance on top. I could  totally pull this off!
5:30pm: Disney guests arrive
7pm: Dusty Crophopper cake
8:30pm: Last gas station filling before sending-off little driving and flying people

8:45 - 9:15pm: drive and fly out Disney props, bring on the leg warmers 

This one is my favorite. Look at the cute little Zamboni!!
And all the retired jerseys! Love, love, love!
9:30pm: Hello, young Cristiano Ronaldo and Sydney Crosby!
11pm: Ice rink cake
12:30am: Victory ceremony and medal awards, fireworks, putting the kids into stretch limos

12:45am: cleaning up, still feeling fresh and cheerful, enjoying a glass of wine, eating more cake, playing with the new toys for a couple of hours…

What time exactly is sunset today? 

After all the partying I guess once tomorrow is here, no, we won't miss the long day and actually be quite grateful for some regular hours. There's only so much kids' birthday party one can take - even me!

PS: there are a few tiny, little flaws in the plan: 

  1. The baking time won't be enough. Well, maybe for baking but not decorating those cakes. But I could totally make them in advance, right? Just need an additional fridge!
  2. Fireworks? In broad daylight? Not sure about that. It does sound nice, though, right?
  3. Oh, and still feeling fresh and cheerful? Wishful thinking. But hey, on 24 hours daylight? Anything's possible...

PPS: Has anyone of you talked to him about the shift partying? Cause the other morning I discovered THIS in our living room:

He hinted how cool it'd be if all his friends could stay over night after the party, and look, there's a place to sleep for everyone (that's where the blankets and beach towels in the background come in…)