Déjà vu

After saying goodbye to the Fischer family we were on the road again. Next destination: Whistler. 

Shortly after a small Native Canadian (what is the p. c. term? "First Nation"?) town called Lillooet, where we emptied our bladders and filled up our gas tank, we were driving along a creek that felt like I should know it. Note that I have never been to that area! 

However, Cayoosh Creek felt familiar, and all of a sudden it hit me - it was the creek from my dream! 

'Weird' I thought, took a picture, and we kept driving. Hubby demonstrated his good memory and said 'the wolf dream, right? Maybe I am the wolf, hoooowl!' 

Haha, but he was patient enough to stop or turn around half a dozen times when I said 'hold on, there are the dead trees', and sure enough we also passed 'my bridge'.

I got out of the car, took a deep breath and crossed it. Spooky! I walked along the creek for a couple of steps, took pictures and was basically in my own little world when I heard a sound like someone (the wolf?) was approaching me. It was my husband, haha. 

The only thing missing was the cabin. I was convinced we would find it as well. 

Then the road got narrow, winding and steep.

We like to call routes like this 'puke ways', and we complimented C on how great he was holding up. We passed a ramshackle hut, and hubs joked 'look, your cabin from the dream'. From now on every building that was out of the ordinary got the label 'possible dream hut'.

Until we had other things on our minds. Out of the blue, Colin had to throw up all over his clothes, the car seat, the backpack. Of course he started to cry, he hates to be puking, also he is not used to it, as fortunately it doesn't happen too often.

Hubs stopped the car, we got out, unbuckled C and were like 'how do we clean up this mess, do we have any water? Nope, all gone!' I said that I saw some kind of a convenience store a mile or two ago. I took all the smelly, messy stuff out of the car, and hubs left. 

He was gone for a really long time. 

I cleaned Colin up as well as I could with wipes, and fortunately in the backpack there were spare clothes for him to change into. Only instead of a sweater there was a T-Shirt, and it was rather chilly, so I asked him if he wanted my sweater. 

'Then you'll be naked, mommy!?' 

I would still have a T-Shirt, not to worry! 

'But then you're cold!' 

That sweet boy worried about me while his teeth were chattering. I held him close, he had stopped crying, and we were waiting for my husband.

Instead a different car stopped. It was a Native Canadian lady, very sweet woman. 

'Are you in trouble, can I help, do you need anything, a ride?' She asked. 

We must have looked not only miserable but also deserted. Geez, what if we were? I had nothing with me! No money, no phone, no passport, no jacket. Everything was in the car! 

Now it started raining, too!

I think if I had been alone I would have felt terrible, but I had to protect my kid and distract him because he kept asking where Daddy was and what was taking him so long. Also he was cold. Still it was a good moment to share.

It seemed like an eternity, but the hubs came back! He had been in a line of 12 people at that store.

I didn't even think about my hut anymore until the other morning. 

Of course, right? SBUX, home away from home...

While exploring Whistler we came across the community center of the Squamish and Lil'wat tribes. In the movie the two chiefs explained how two groups share the land and how the mountains, the rivers and people and how they interact are important for their existence and continuity. 

I liked this. Maybe I was a squaw in a former life?

Right now I am too busy being on vacation. However when I will be back home I might give it more thought what it might mean that 15 years after having a dream that was stirring me up, I came across the actual scenery..?