Farewell Canyon

Today's weather forecast was looking good, plus Annette has her baking day on Thursdays, so we ventured out. Our quest: to see a bear. Or a moose at the very least.

The lady at the visitor's centre gave us a couple of leaflets and warned us that bears sense the hunting season and are hiding these days.

And hiding they were. Every couple of minutes I saw something that turned out to be a rock or a cow :-( At least they were friendly cows. I can't tell about the rocks.

One of the sights we passed was the Frazer River Bridge. Gorgeous!

The gravel road was curvy, steep and slightly slippery from the freezing temps during the night. Nevertheless the big trucks were racing down that trail like madmen.

They didn't come for the view;  they were picking up tree trunks.

So this is Farewell Canyon!

On our way back we visited the "Cowboy Hall of Fame" in Williams Lake, home to the world famous stampede.

Everything wasn't about cowboys, though. They also displayed old telephone switchboards,

kitchen appliances,...

plus there was also a sports section. Turned out Carey Price, successful hockey goalie, grew up around here. Around here as in a three hours drive to / from Williams Lake where he trained and played. His Dad purchased a plane to take him to practice and games. Talk about a supportive parent!

Rick Hanson, the Man in Motion, got a mention there, too. After he got injured as a teenager he ended up in a wheel chair. He wheeled all across North America and Europe in order to raise money for spinal cord injury research. 

When we got "home" Annette had done laundry, and her dough was rising.

Then we went inside to start shaping the bread and chopping veggies for the pizza. Meanwhile the deer who was being banned from snatching veggies, berries and lettuce from Annette's garden by barbwire, resurfaced on the other part of the garden. 

What was I saying, one deer? Three of them!

The bread was coming along nicely!

Look at them baked goods!

Farewell cake for the kids!

I want to take the opportunity to thank you, Annette, for your hospitality and especially for letting me use your computer! I don't know how I'm gonna blog on the remainder of our trip!