Vancouver and Richmond

Shortly after passing the US / Canadian border it began to pour, and for pretty much the rest of the day that's what we got. Rain, rain, more rain. I don't do too well in rainy cities, so pretty much everything and everyone was annoying me. 

C asked to go to the Rogers Arena, home of the Vancouver Canucks. Guess what. On Canadian Thanksgiving Monday the store was closed. There was a note, however, that their downtown store was open. Did I mention I don't like rainy cities? We drove around, looking for a parking space that didn't require coins, I was hungry, moody,…

A pizza, a glass of wine and a hockey game at Earl's made it all better. 

I especially liked this wall decoration:

It consisted of hundreds of fortress locks that couples left there. I had heard about a bridge in Paris where lovers do the same. I think it's romantic!

The other morning the Canucks Team Store was open, and not only did we see a SBISA (No. 5) jersey - one of our Swiss guys playing for an NHL team - but we also had a chance to watch a replay of those last seconds of the Avalanche vs Bruins game which was the first one that "our" goalie BERRA (another Swiss guy) won! 

This may not sound like a big deal to you, but it is for us. We don't get to see NHL games in Switzerland, but we have an app that keeps us updated on our guys' activities: "two assists for Mark Streit", "Roman Josi got 30 minutes of ice time", and so on. Being able to actually see some of them play during our trip made us excited and proud!

From the hockey stadium we walked along the shore to Science World.

Our parking meter was going to expire soon over at Rogers Arena, so we only enjoyed some time outside the actual museum. We were being pretty entertained, though:

Next on our list was Canada Place.

Colin wanted to be the Canadian, but he was too short ;-)

LOVED the pumpkin umbrellas!

The weather was so nice, we even went to Stanley Park.


Lions Gate Bridge

On our last day we did what we always do… the dreaded picture postcards ;-) 
Well, I didn't write any, but C did. 

And look the cool postal stamps we got!

The post office was located within a Canadian Tire store.

When do you think they will arrive? He even wrote one for his class at school. 

For once we had time to spare because our flight wouldn't leave until 9pm.

Why not visit a pumpkin patch? 

I had no idea Brussels sprouts looked like this!

Also I didn't know there are apples the size of a grapefruit!

We made it to the airport without incidents and on time! Others weren't so lucky. We came across an accident at an intersection very close to the airport. The two cars didn't look too damaged, but there were firefighters using force to open the door, and an ambulance unloaded a stretcher. I thought to myself they were probably visitors like us, on their way back to the airport. Instead they ended up at the hospital. 

Time to be thankful!

C loved to watch his Planes movie over and over ;-)

So now we're back home, wide awake and hungry in the middle of the night and napping during the day. 9 hours time difference will do that to you…