Whistler - Scene of the 2010 Winter Olympics

After the déjà vu / puking experience in the car, we were lucky to get a room with a kitchenette. Why is that lucky, you ask? Not because anybody felt like cooking dinner, but some of the "cabinets" were actually washer and dryer, hooray! 

While we were enjoying a very nice dinner at Keg Steakhouse, Colin's smelly clothes were being rehabilitated.

The weather could have been nicer, but we still took the village stroll in the morning.

In a boutique I found this pilot jacket, what do you think? 
Hubby even offered to make it my Christmas gift, but I ended up not taking it. 

It stopped raining, and we walked around some more.

Bears and cougars at the first nation's community center.

In the park there was an exhibition on how students perceive "peace":

Ninja Cougar, Afternoon Delight or Angry Pirate - care to guess what I am talking about? 
These are names of mountain bike trails at Whistler Blackcomb:

Colin wasn't sure he wanted to try this! Can't say I minded!

Don't you just love fireplaces? I do!

C liked to spend time inventing and solving quizzes and riddles (and grading us on them):

The next day the sun came out :-)