Fall Fair Basel

Halloween is over, for us adults it's just s short while until Christmas, but if you're a kid, almost two months seem like a long time.

Good thing many regions have their annual fall fairs with crafts and food booths, fairground rides and other money traps entertainment to offer.

Even before we were married and had kids, a couple we are friends with, my boyfriend / hubby and I have been meeting for the Basel fair almost every year. 

Basel is the city the two major pharma companies Roche and Novartis have their HQs, and it's also the region where Roger Federer is from. Some Swiss trivia just as you're reading my blog, you're welcome.

Now on to the fun part!

One vendor we never miss is the evil witch's candy stand.

First the window shutters are closed. Just you wait, though!

It won't take long, and they go open, and the evil witch makes her appearance!

They sell roasted almonds, butterscotch toffee, a special kind of gingerbread and - our favorite - chocolate covered strawberries or pineapple pieces! 

Lately they've gone fancy and started using marshmallows, too!


This is probably the most classic ride, and I remember when we took C for the first time, I had to stay with him and hold him. Our baby was less than 14 months old!

Look at him now, climbing on his horse all alone!

I liked the retro tin boxes they were selling at this booth. The prices weren't retro at all, though, so I was a good girl and didn't buy anything there.

Speaking of retro, those folks are really from another time:

If you're asking yourself where you've heard this melody before… 

Maybe here?

If the Mom song was new to you, surely you want to know what the Dad song is all about:

Allright. Back to our fairground. Some Dalmatian balloons went for a walk flight, too.

There are several areas all over the city to where you can walk or take a tram to.

A good opportunity to pay attention to the nice old houses all over town.

Before you know it it's getting dark! Time for the highlight of the day!

Spending our last money on "dinner"

See you next year!