New Adventures of Cookie, our Elf on the Shelf (Part 1)

I know there are a couple of people out there who hate the Elf on the Shelf with a passion. 

Well, I happen to love Cookie, and I couldn't wait to start the season! 

Our Elf on the Shelf returned in a miniature shopping cart (containing a holiday PJs), and she wasn't alone - Pink Panther tagged along in his PJs because that's kind of how they left last year.

Colin didn't expect her before December 1st - even though I always start at Thanksgiving - so he was surprised and happy to see them!

For once he didn't mind doing his otherwise annoying homework - as long as he had nice company ;-)

On the last Thursday of November our village sets up a tall Christmas tree while citizens gather and watch the workers fixing the lights drink, eat and are merry.

When nobody was watching, I let Cookie take a seat.


The next morning Colin found her reading one of the smurf books he borrowed from the library. He took a look at the book, turned a couple of pages and said "there - that's the funniest prank, you've GOT to see this!"

Saturday morning she was awaiting us, sitting in the muffin pan in the oven. Wait a minute, what is that? A set containing an apron and a hat - not only for the elf, but also for a child!

Of course we took the hint and were quick to gather our cookie dough ingredients.

You will be able to get the recipe for those chocolate cinnamon balls soon - it'll be featured in Tampa Cake Girl's cookie recipe swap.

I'll also post "the making of" Elf Cookies next week. There's gonna be pictures of some people wearing the apron and the hat, and it ain't just Colin ;-)

Our elf rolled the dice one night!

Using a reindeer pen she signed a letter to Santa, asking for a school bag and some pencils, just like her boy, Colin, has! What do you think, will her wish come true?

Hubs told me that Colin said to him "I'm pretty sure Mommy wrote this letter. It's the Candy Cane Font we downloaded the other day!" 


Just in case Santa wouldn't spring for a school bag and crayons, Cookie went out and played some street music. I thought she was doing pretty well...

But Colin didn't think so. "She needs a larger container, so there's room for more coins" he decided and found her this:

"Where did this come from?" I asked. 

"I got this from the Easter Bunny but I didn't like the chocolate eggs. They taste like coffee. Maybe a passerby will appreciate it. They can help themselves - and leave some money in return!"

Good thinking.

Looks like Cookie, even though she's known for having a sweet tooth, didn't want the coffee flavored chocolate eggs either. Instead she had herself some lots of ice cream with sprinkles.

So THIS morning, she couldn't be found anywhere. It was hubby's turn to make breakfast for Colin, and he was laughing hard when he opened the fridge to get out the milk:

I found this idea from the Elf on the Shelf FB page. There is a ton of other fun stuff!

If you can't get enough elf stories, head over to ShaRhonda's blog! I'll be sharing more of Cookie's adventures over the next weeks!