New Adventures of Cookie, our Elf on the Shelf (Part 2)

All that sitting in the fridge made our elf cold and hungry. So when Colin was late for lunch she jumped at the chance to dig in from his plate!

Not that Colin would forget that it is his turn to open an advent calendar gift… 

But Cookie thought she'd remind him anyway!

As he is an only child I am constantly trying to prevent him from getting more spoiled than he already is, hence the hubs, my parents and I get to open presents, too.
Colin worked out a plan. On the days with silver stars it's his turn.

This year our advent calendar is a simple white Christmas tree "shelf".
A good place for an elf to be.

I also broke down and purchased this cute winter village with an ice rink!

On Dec 6, St. Nicholas Day, the elf brought a letter from Santa! I used the services of Brooke, a blogger buddy up in Alaska and can only recommend it! Amazing handwriting! Nice stationary, too!

It was four pages long and included Colin's activities, pointed out what he is doing well and also reminded him to listen to what his parents say and to eat his veggies.

A busy elf like ours gets hungry from time to time. Today she went groceries shopping.
The miniature items were part of a promotion last year.

In a recent post I committed to knitting a Holiday sweater for Barbie so she could hang out in style with the elf. As I am not one to follow hard to understand instructions I just went ahead and - knitted! I haven't done it in a while, but it's basically like riding a bike. 

Then I had to undo an hour's work because it felt totally wrong. 

Barbie showed me how it's done!

And voilĂ ! Holiday sweater: done!

Even the toughest elf that flies to the North Pole and back every night needs an occasional beach day, soaking up the sun and relaxing!

Cookie found herself a crafts project! Who says ghost lights are a Halloween thing? Please meet THE ELF LIGHT!

Daddy's sock drawer sounds like a cozy place to spend the day, no?

And finally, laundry day!

Check back next week to find out what Cookie has been up to!