February Secret Subject Swap - Dreamcatcher

Welcome to February's Secret Subject Swap. Again 15 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

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My subject is 

A device that can record your dreams is in beta stages. You're given an opportunity to try it before anyone else for one month, but it comes with a catch - you have to watch the video with your closest friends and family, and a video taken by the company will be uploaded to youtube to promote the device. 

Do you do it? Why or why not? 
What have been some of your strangest dreams?

It was submitted by Climaxed - thanks, Jenniy!

Silicon Valley, January 26, 9am
Garage / Office of Dreamcatcher Inc, the start-up company that developed the device

"Jay, great news! I'm in touch with a lady who's willing to test our app!"
"Caroline, that's fabulous, who is she?"
"Let's see: female, 35-45, caucasian, European actually, married, one kid, the son, a first grader,  plays hockey, she works part-time, blogs, bakes, likes to travel and shop."
"That's a start. Find out what brands she likes and pitch her!"

Atlanta, January 26, 12:15pm
Coca Cola Company HQ, Sponsoring Dept

"Yeah, hi, um, am I speaking to the Marketing Director?"
"Actually she's out for lunch, I am her assistant, how can I help you?"
"Well, there's this cool app we'd like to promote. My name is Caroline, my partner and I have developed a device that is able to record anyone's dreams, and…"
"So now we have a person who lets us record her dreams for one month, and we're going to upload some of her stuff on youtube, and I was wondering if you'd like to sponsor one of her videos. You know, she is a huge Coke Zero consumer, so maybe she'd even feature you in her dreams!"
"Haha, right. Tell you what. If she does, let me know, then we can talk further. Have a nice day."

Seattle, January 26, 9:30am
Starbucks Support Center, Sponsoring Dept

"Yeah, hi, Casey? This is Caroline with Dreamcatcher Inc, I've been trying to reach you. They told me you were attending a coffee tasting?"
"That's right. That's how we start our Monday mornings. How can I help you?"
"I was wondering if you'd be interested in sponsoring an innovative project."
"What's your project about, I've got to tell you though, I get calls like yours every day. Plus we've had layoffs and general budget cuts, the whole nine yards."
"Sorry to hear that. You're gonna like ours, I'm sure! It's a dream recorder! We're about to start a test run with a person, and…"
"Personally I think it sounds fascinating. What does this have to do with us, though?"
"Well, um, she's a former employee of yours, and she's still frequenting your stores a lot and kind of represents your brand, so I was thinking that'd be good for you, no?"
"I like to hear that. I would need to see some of that footage and  run it by our people. What's her favorite coffee?"
"I will find out for you, I'll be in touch."

Manhattan, New York, January 26, 12:30pm
LVMH Tower, U.S. Headquarter of Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy

"Welcome to Louis Vuitton and Moët Hennessy, world leader in high-quality products and prestigious brands! For English press one, pour le service en français appuyez deux, para espanol marque numero tres,…"

"Oh, if you'd like to enquire about sponsoring, you'll have to call our Paris office. Thank you."

Paris, January 26, 6:40pm
Louis Vuitton Holding

"Bienvenue chez Louis Vuitton. Vous appelez en dehors des heures d'ouverture. Laissez un message dans notre boîte vocale, et nous vous rappellerons dès que possible."

Paris, January 27, 4:15pm
Louis Vuitton Holding

"Tous not agents sont présentement occupés, veuillez demeurer en ligne pendant que nous traitons votre appel."

Silicon Valley, February 2nd, 9am
Garage / Office of Dreamcatcher Inc, the start-up company that developed the device

"I'm sooo excited, let's upload the first data from Tamara's dreamcatcher!"
"Hold on… almost there… HUH?"

"What is going on here?"

Silicon Valley, February 3rd, 9am
Garage / Office of Dreamcatcher Inc, the start-up company that developed the device

"So let's give this another try today, shall we?"

"Seriously now, what is she doing?"

Paris, February 4, 8:30am, 9:30am, 10:30am
Louis Vuitton Holding

"Tous not agents sont présentement occupés, veuillez demeurer en ligne pendant que nous traitons votre appel."

Silicon Valley, February 4, 2015, 9am
Garage / Office of Dreamcatcher Inc, the start-up company that developed the device

"OK, lady, give me your dreams! I want to see something, I am so grumpy right now! I stayed up  all night trying to reach those bloody French purse people..."

Zug, Switzerland, February 4, 2015, 6:10pm
Bossard Arena, home of EV Zug, Tamara's favorite hockey team

"Hey there, Tamara, it's Caroline with Dreamcatcher Inc, is this a good time for you to talk or are you making dinner right now?"

"Hey there! No, not today. It's Wednesday, my son's hockey practice night. So I am curious, are you getting anything exciting off the device?"

"Unfortunately not! Nothing at all. That's why I'm calling. You did understand the instructions, right?" 

"Yes, they were pretty straight forward. The thing is, and I have warned you about this… I tend to have trouble sleeping."

"No kidding, I can tell! Anything you can do about it?"

"Let me tell you, If I knew, I'd do it! I'm trying hard, I want this to work! I am a believer of what they say, that dreams are telling you something, you know? And with my insomnia and irregular sleep pattern I was hoping to get some insight thanks to your device."

"Look, I can give you till Friday. I need something, anything, till then, do you think you can manage?"

"I will keep trying, I promise."

So during the two weeks I've been trying to monitor aka produce and remember my dreams, this is the meager output:

Sending bags of chips (unintentionally containing bugs) to our friends in Canada 
(This dream was clearly caused by this anti-Dorito commercial that said friend in Canada posted the other day)

Living in the back room of a drug store - for 24 hours access.
(Duh, I was sick and am still coughing)

Pushing my shopping cart through the supermarket. Shopping list in one hand, calculator in the other hand. 
(This money challenge seemed to be getting to me!)

Mashing potatoes for a shepherd's pie. Then something interesting happened: miniature people were doing gymnastics on the band of the pan. Jumping, rolling and flipping over it.
(I have been looking at St. Patrick's Day recipes. Absolutely no explanation for the little gymnastic performers! Oh wait, after eating lots of that yummy meal it'd be a good idea to work out? I used this dream as an opportunity to try this recipe. I'll definitely include it in my binder. )

Receiving a huge container full of surprises from friends in Seattle: the ultimate Super Bowl set, complete with jerseys, hats, a fridge full of snacks, football shaped chairs and more!


(This dream happened the night from Jan 31 to Feb 1st for obvious reasons)

Finally, something half juicy: kissing scenes. Multiples! I was seeing two guys at the same time. Well not together - alternately. They knew about each other, it was all the very mature and civilized. Both were good kissers. End of dream. Colin woke me up. He was probably kissing me ;-)
(Now with a boring life only being about shopping and eating, can you blame my subconscious for indulging in a fictional affair?)

Coming to an end let's see if I've answered all of the questions.

Do you do it? 
Yeah, no doubt, and now that you've seen a selection of my ordinary life dreams you'll understand that this so called catch isn't a reason not to do it. Friends and family won't see anything they didn't already know about me.

Why or why not? 
As I told Caroline on the phone, I am curious, and pretty interested in digging into my subconscious mind. I would really hope to get out more with a device like this.

What have been some of your strangest dreams?
As a kid I had some dreams in which evil animals were chasing me, and I tried to run, but my legs were numb. However as a grown-up I can't remember any horror, action, crime, sci-fi or historical dreams, heck not even some that would qualify as porn!

I've racked my brain about this. 

Not the porn, the lack of expressive dreams.

For a while I had dreams about missing a train or being the backseat passenger. Then I must have taken life into my own hands and made some changes because the dreams didn't return. I really like to be in the driver's seat and not depend on anyone. Should I be reflecting on that?

When there are dialogs in my dreams, they usually are in Swiss German, my first language. However a couple of days upon arriving in North America, I typically switch to English. The first time I noticed, I thought this was pretty amazing. 

I had THE dream about 15 years ago, and I talked about it elaborately in a secret subject post last January - what are the odds of getting a dream prompt again this January? Speaking of odds, I came across the scenery of my dream last fall! After all that time!

Now, quickly! Tell me what you were dreaming about last night!