Chocolate Chips Espresso Birthday Cake

Two of the world's best things in one… Well, three even, you get to bake, make have coffee and eat the cake!

Wait - didn't we have that a couple of weeks ago? Yes, it was Chocolate Espresso Cake containing cacao powder. Today it's gonna be chocolate chips. Ground hazelnut nuts, too. Totally different, see? 

And let's not forget that I also call it birthday cake. Yes, On this gray and rainy Monday I go from early to mid thirties. 

OK, with 10 years experience. 

Let's not get hung up on technicalities and have a look at the ingredients!


4                     eggs
1       cup       brown sugar (200g)

1.75 sticks    butter, melted, cooled a bit (200g)

1.25 cups      espresso (250ml), today I used Gold Coast Blend one of my favorites

2      cups     ground hazelnut (200g)
2.5   cups     all purpouse flour (300g)
1      tbsp      baking powder (15g = 1 sachet)
0.5   tsp        ground cinnamon
1      pinch    salt

(source: Meranercake by Betty Bossi)


3      tbsp      butter (40g)
0.5   cups     chocolate chips (80g)
0.25 cups     espresso (70-80ml)
2      cups     confectioner's sugar (260g)

Preheat oven at 350°F (180°C) and prepare your baking dish. I used two smallish aluminum pans.

Cream eggs and sugar until fluffy, 

Pour in melted butter and coffee until combined. 

Add hazelnut and all the flour except a tablespoon, use this to "coat" the chocolate chips. This is supposed to prevent them from sinking. 

Pour your batter into the baking pan and bake for about 50-60 minutes, depending on your oven.

Take out the cake and let cool completely. 

If it has risen as much as mine, cut off the top so you have a flat surface.

Prepare the frosting by melting butter and chocolate in a small sauce pan, add coffee and gradually stir in confectioner's sugar with a whisk. 

Using a butter knife or a spatula coat your cake. For your sanity's sake I hope you won't end up with the same mess I did. My frosting contains too much coffee but tastes yummy!

Let it set for at least an hour - or as long as it takes so you can transfer your cake to a plate and serve it. 

I'm very happy with this cake. 

Let's just hope I will still manage to have dinner - hubby is taking me to St. Lucia.


Took the coffee and some cake to my favorite store a couple of days later. 
A pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled!