Choking on a Surprise

The other day hubby went out for dinner with a client, so C and I took the opportunity to eat out as well. IKEA restaurant was our choice. Because - meatballs! Also because he needs a new bed. 

But first things first. 

On the picture below, Colin is three years old, can you believe the cart is taller than he was back then?

Anyway. We got our dinner and sat down at the counter beyond which there is the kids' area. C used to love to play there as soon as he was done with his food. My little boy has gotten too big for it.

Instead he likes to use the customer feedback computer. He doesn't have anything to say about assembling furniture. He likes to type the hockey results ;-)

Plus he follows his mother's footsteps and likes to people-watch. Little people in his case. Like that kid sitting on the counter? 

Colin got very nervous and was like "why is that guy allowed to sit up here?"
"He's not, but it looks like nobody's here to tell him so!"
Later his dad and younger sister joined, they sat on regular chairs but didn't say one word to the boy to come down. 
Strange parenting.

A handful of toddlers was running around, playing, giggling and shrieking in the play area. All of a sudden a grandmother showed up and scolded one of the girls: 

"Don't make such a terrible noise! People here want to eat in peace! You shriek one more time, I'll come and get you!!!" 

Strange parenting of the other kind. Where else if not at the kids' area are they supposed to be kids?

The boy wearing the red hat had a surprise egg. C had noticed them at the cash register, too, but didn't even bother to ask, because I usually say no. Because I'm that kind of mom. Who rarely buys her kid a Kinder Egg or a Capri Sun.

That night I wanted to go back to the check-out and get him an egg!!

Instead we checked out what IKEA had to offer beyond beds.

Earlier this week I heard about a family who is friends with friends of ours. Their 14 year old daughter was on her way to school by bicycle. She collided with a truck and was run over. Paramedics found her with no signs of life. 

I can't stop thinking about her mother - whom I don't know, but I don't need to. She is a mother, and she has lost her baby. Nobody wants to experience that. There is cancer and other ugly stuff that nobody wants eihter. But losing a child must be the worst. 

I know getting kids out of the house and to school can be stressful, and sometimes you argue about whether to put on the warm or the fancy jacket. But you don't expect to never argue about jackets again, much less to never kiss your kid goodbye and wishing them a nice day again.

So a mom has to do what a mom has to do. 
This mom went chocolate egg shopping. And because she can't just buy one egg, (check out this post by Christine, aka the Keeper of Fruit Loops on parents going overboard), this is what happened: 

So it's a pack of three

Look, there's a giant one, too!

How cute! A bunny boy and a girl!

In order to not choke on the surprise toy, it comes in a yellow plastic egg

Every surprise egg toy is not crap!

Just because I was in the right spirit I also produced a Smarties egg.

Now how to open it..?

Here's a hint: just punch it with your fist ;-)

You can use chocolate pieces as spoons to eat your yogurt

You can use your Smarties to play Tic, Tac, Toe!

So many possibilities!

I told him the reason(s) for getting chocolate eggs, and he was in favor of it. He even said "that boy better learn not to sit on tables or else he'll still be doing it as a grown-up!"

I post this today because I want this ordinary day to be a special day to remember. He's growing up too quickly anyway, and I feel like I need to catch those little moments, otherwise I will forget.

PS: I will give away some of the chocolate - leave me a comment why I should send it to YOU!