How to make coffee

Today's post is dedicated to my dear friend Ch who is a huge Starbucks fan, who went through seven (!) coffee makers in only one year and finally broke down to purchase a Nespresso machine.

It goes to prove that making coffee is not a no-brainer. 

But it can be done!

Agreed, it's simpler to press the button of a fully automatic coffee machine.

I am going to show you how to actually brew your own coffee without even using a French Press!

This is what you'll need:

  • Whole bean coffee, ground coarsely (grade 9 on a regular coffee grinder)
  • Water kettle or regular pot
  • Kitchen scale or measuring cup
  • Small sieve
  • Cup, preferable with a spout
  • Your favorite mug
  • Kitchen timer - iPhones work well ;-)


Measure your ground coffee. It's 10 grams or 1/8 US measuring cup:

Put the ground coffee in your spouty cup.

Boil your water. Actually it should not be boiling-boiling! 

Temps between 80 - 90°C (176 - 194°F) are perfect. 

That's what you usually get if you live around here. 
Please do your own research if you want to brew coffee while trekking in Nepal!

Back when I made milk bottles for the little guy I used a meat thermometer to measure water temps. The things a first-time Mom does...

Start your timer (4 minutes) and pour in 180ml (6oz) of water.

When 4 minutes are over, pour contents over the sieve.

If you're a gardener you can use coffee grounds to fertilize your earth. 
Otherwise dump it in the trash. Not the sink, it'll clog your drain with time.

Enjoy your coffee! 
If you have selected a variety like Verona, anything chocolaty goes well with it.

Chocolaty and / or nutty! 
I tasted it for you - you're welcome!